A Defining Moment In History For Black Women ...Startup & THRIVE!

Startup & THRIVE! is the new social impact accelerator and emerging venture capital fund, that is planning to host its first, Startup & THRIVE! Wealth Building Week this Fall in Philadelphia from September 16 – 21, 2019. The 6-day event aims to help African-American women founders get on the path to prosperity, gain access to the venture capital pipeline, get their businesses off-the-ground and THRIVING and close the wealth gap in America –through entrepreneurship.

 “Entrepreneurship is a key driver for building wealth in this country and, ironically, African-American women who 'lack wealth', have been starting businesses, at much higher rate, than any other ethnic group, over the past 20 years” says Founder and emerging fund manager Barbara Bamba. “This entrepreneurial growth trend presents African-American women with a defining moment in history -- as we are, now, in a position to, start closing the wealth gap.”

Read More: https://blackprwire.com/press-releases/bprw-a-defining-moment-in-history-for-black-women


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