Walmart continues its focus on African-American Women Owned Companies

Restauranteur Leah Abraham Shares her Recipe of Success of Hiring Locally and Giving Back

(Black PR Wire) The second Quick Chat video in the three-part series Hidden Talent, sponsored by Walmart, highlights Restaurant Owner Leah Abraham as she shares how hiring locally in Harlem has helped her business grow from humble roots to an in-demand hotspot.

Through her dedication to her community and the desire to contribute to Harlem’s transformation into the bustling city it is today, Leah shares the methodology behind operating a successful restaurant, bakery and catering business, Settepani; which she regards as a true extension of her family. By hiring locally and empowering her staff to be leaders, Leah has raised the bar on how African-American women are shaping the future in business while giving back to their communities.

Join us in our Business Sanctuary as Leah takes us through the journey of building a successful brand in the heart of Harlem, what that means to the community and how it’s helped her bottom line.

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