Will Self-Driving Cars Help or Harm Our Communities? by Richard Ezike, Kendall Fellow at the Union of Concerned Scientists

In cities like Washington, D.C., the arrival of self-driving vehicles has the potential to profoundly change how we get around. But whether those changes are for the better or the worse depends on the choices we make today, before these vehicles become widely available.

At the Union of Concerned Scientists, I’ve been studying the possibilities and the risks of autonomous vehicles. Our new study, “Where Are Self-Driving Cars Taking Us? Pivotal Choices That Will Shape DC’s Transportation Future,” analyzes how automated vehicles may impact congestion, public transit and job access in the region by 2040, focusing on what these impacts will mean for low-income communities and communities of color.

Read More: https://blackprwire.com/press-releases/bprw-will-self-driving-cars-help-or-harm-our-communities 

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