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February 18, 2009
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Jennifer Keitt
ZAKAR Magazine


Articles offer hope, tips, journaling exercises, and practical solutions to support women in coping with their lives

(BLACK PR WIRE) (February 18, 2009) ATLANTA, GA—ZAKAR Magazine launches this week providing women with a resource for personal empowerment and growth in these tough social times. ZAKAR, published by Jennifer Keitt (, founder and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Today’s Black Woman is loaded with practical articles on information pertinent to a woman’s daily life, from emotional well being, career success, financial empowerment, dating, mating and relating to self care and fitness.

ZAKAR introduces to women its exclusive Z Coaches, who team up with them to bring a sense of balance and hope for empowered living. Because of the publication’s convenient digest size, women will literally be able to carry their coaches and life empowerment around with them in their purses and planners!

“Women are struggling now more than ever with the recent collapse of our economy and societal chaos that we have been plunged into and they are in dire need of powerful personal growth tools and resources to help them stabilize bringing back a sense of well"being and wholeness into their lives again.

We’re offering them hope, encouragement, coping strategies and focused thought that they can literally download and carry with them at all times,” Keitt said.

Keitt is founder and host of the nationally syndicated Today’s Black Woman Radio Show and has invested close to twenty years empowering women globally who want the best out of their lives. “I am committed to women and our lives, making sure that they have the resources, personal growth tools, strategies, and urgent support ensuring that they become and stay “recession proof,” she declares. ZAKAR is one more resource in a growing bundle of resources, Keitt offers to women. Her goal is to empower, educate, equip and encourage women in what Keitt calls the 7 key areas of a woman’s life: spiritual, emotional, physical, financial, relational, occupation and self"esteem. ZAKAR speaks the language of today’s real women in a way that makes them feel safe, secure and empowered to return to their lives.

The premiere digital issue of ZAKAR is being distributed FREE. An annual subscription to the digital quarterly magazine will cost $20.00 and is available online at To order printed copies call 678.569.2407.

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