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April 11, 2009
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Ramsay McCoy
Florida A&M University

(BPRW)Social Networking Sites are No Longer Only for Students

(BLACK PRWIRE) (FAMU-TALLAHASSEE) (April 12, 2009) - - As graduation quickly approaches, seniors are feeling the pressure of finding a job through the current economic conditions. With the high demand for employment, companies are looking for ways to weed out applicants; social networking sites have become the main tool.

In the past, social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter have been seen as modern water coolers for college students. But as technology develops, these sites are forced to update their applications and are open to everyone. Facebook, for instance, is no longer a social networking site for only college students.

Brandi Milton, coordinator of corporative education at the Florida A&M University Career Center, believes social networking sites can be used as an advantage for students looking for employment. “You can’t exclude your personal life,” said Milton. “An employer might use Facebook to find out about your personality, what you do in your personal life or your community service involvement.”
For some students like rising third year broadcast journalism student Monique Mitchell, 21, they are concerned with how it will affect them in the long run. “I have always enjoyed using my social networking sites like Facebook,” Mitchell said. “I just wish there was an easier way to enjoy it without worries of hurting my chances at the ideal job.”

Milton suggested that students use the social networking sites to stand out. “Be conscious of other people’s comments,” said Milton. “It might help to have two profiles; one for your close friends and a professional page. Use the privacy and filter options to control who can see your page or comment,” Milton said.