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April 07, 2009
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- Historic Civil Rights Message Launched in April -

(BLACK PR WIRE) (April 7, 2009) (MIAMI) -- Dynamic Rapper Big Dog has created a rap video that showcases the struggle and tenacity of the civil rights movement era. The video, entitled “Better Days Are Ahead,” launched earlier this month on the popular interactive music website, Stereofame (

The historic launch commemorated the 41st anniversary of the slaying of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Better Days Are Ahead,” produced and directed by Stereofame, features the history, legacy, heritage and tradition of the Black struggle. The rap video provides a historical timeline of our past, present and future, while also delivering a powerful message of faith and positive expectation.

“I gathered the inspiration to write these lyrics over a period of historical times – starting from the birth of the civil rights movement, led by Dr. King, to the celebration of President Barack Obama as the first Black Commander in Chief of the greatest country in the world,” says Big Dog. “The music and message represents our heritage and is the epitome of how hope and hard work transcends everything.”

Big Dog’s “Better Days Are Ahead” video release is timely and critical because of the people it profiles, their place in history and the overall purpose in life. Dr. King’s legacy is recognized nationwide and his message still resonates through all time, influencing generations of all ethnicities. With the election of President Barack Obama, Dr. King’s dream came to fruition. Big Dog’s video represents a journey through time and a vision of victory.

Big Dog is among the rising stars on Stereofame. The interactive website, created by Florida-based Internet Entrepreneur, Ken Underwood, is an exciting social network web site where music lovers are in charge of their own record labels and independent musical artists from around the world provide their music.


“Dr. King stood up for humanity and spoke of his vision, which have come to life – in part with this past presidential election,” says Underwood. “I am thrilled that Big Dog is launching his video during such a momentous time in our generation and that Stereofame will have a valuable role in the process.”

Stereofame combines the social networking aspects of the popular MySpace and Facebook web sites with the auction functions of eBay, and the music store convenience of iTunes to create a game where both listeners and artists compete for points that can lead to valuable rewards ranging from mountain bikes to iPhones.

The future of music is happening now at Stereofame. Its self proclaimed “anti-label” is revolutionizing the industry by combining music, fame and games. The object of the Stereofame game is to get as many points as you can and cash them in on great rewards. Listeners can establish their own label by selecting the artists he or she thinks will be most successful. Similar to record labels in the music industry, the goal is to discover great talent early and “sign” these artists to his or her label. The label then receives points based upon the success of these artists. Artists get points for playing the game, too. The more popular the songs, the more points they get.

Already, music lovers all over the world have tuned in and more are encouraged to to log on to, to watch Big Dog’s powerful and emotional video and play the game. For more information on Big Dog, call 1-877-BLACKPR or log on to

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Media Note: Big Dog is available for one-on-one interviews. In addition, an advanced copy of the rap video is available upon request. Media interested in an interview or planning to obtain a copy of the video rap are to contact Kim Fulsom at 1-877-BlackPR .