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April 21, 2009
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(BPRW) Education Online Services Corp Announces Partnership with Morris Brown College

(BLACK PR WIRE)(April 21, 2009) ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Education Online Services Corp (EOServe Corp) and the Board of Trustees at Morris Brown College (MBC) announced a partnership today that will assist the college in achieving financial stability and expanding the educational opportunities and digital literacy of its students. 

EOServe Corp, the nations premier online educational platform provider, will work together with MBC to make online degree programs and support services available to Morris Brown students. Morris Brown College is the first HBCU to partner with EOServe Corp to extend its reach and offer its students the opportunity to learn and obtain their degrees anytime, anywhere. 

Morris Brown Collegeboard members, faculty, and staff are assisting the EOServe Corp executive team as they convert courses that are currently only offered on-campus to also be available online. In addition, EOServe Corp is customizing new course offerings and an online student information and management system as well as supplying online tutoring services. EOServe Corp is also providing MBC with support in marketing, recruiting, enrollment, retention, and financial aid for students. 

"We are thoroughly impressed with the dedication and enthusiasm of the MBC administration, faculty and students as well as the passion and commitment of the colleges President," remarked Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, EOServe Corp President. We look forward to building upon MBC's rich history to ensure a solid legacy for the future," added Chavis. 

Our new business plan for Morris Brown calls for 21st century approaches. Repositioning MBC as a hybrid institution that offers both on-campus and online degrees is the approach best suited to meet this objective," said Dr. Stanly Pritchett, acting President of MBC. In addition to targeting recent high school graduates who prefer on-line degree programs, our global recruitment efforts will be directed toward adult learners who may have attended but never graduated college, especially former Morris Brown students who left school before realizing their goals of earning their degree, Pritchett stated. 

Our target is to increase enrollment at Morris Brown to 1,000 on-campus students and 1,500 online students by 2014, declared Ezell Brown, Chairman of EOServe Corp. We are honored to partner with this historic, 128 year-old institution to ensure its growth and development over the next 100 years, he added. 

About Morris Brown College (
Morris Brown College is one of America’s most prestigious Historical Black Colleges. Founded in 1881 it offers prospective student a full-time faculty of 88% doctorates and a part-time faculty of 50% doctorates as well as a unique supportive family environment to students desiring to further their education. Located at the highest point of Downtown Atlanta, the campus is ideally situated to fulfill the mission of serving its diverse community. 

About Education Online Services Corporation (EOServe Corp)
EOServe Corporation works hand in hand with our educational partners to enable them to succeed in an online world. Our partnership with Pearson eCollege provides a powerful and dynamic system for delivering classroom content online. Our years of marketing, branding, recruitment and enrollment experience have lead us to be an industry leader, combined with tutoring and student retention services, and EOServe Corp provides a wide spectrum of services aimed at helping our educational partners flourish online.