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April 25, 2009
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Lisa Carpenter
Florida A&M University

( BPRW) Money Down the Drain

( BLACK PR WIRE) ( April 26, 2009) Brian Bartlett, 25, said he ignored the slow, faint whining of his toilet until it cost him. Bartlett, a fourth-year criminal justice student at Florida A&M University, said the noise from the bathroom was like annoying background music. The Miami native said he ignored the whimpers until he noticed a sudden increase in his water bill from $30 to $50.

According to experts, Bartlett is not alone. “Ninety-five percent of leaks are in toilets,” said Bob Seaton, the supervisor of Energy Services for the City of Tallahassee. He said the noises become so constant that residents do not hear them.

Seaton suggested placing food coloring in the tank of the toilet. He explained that if there is a leak, the food coloring will migrate to the bowl without the toilet being flushed. Seaton said leaks are not always detectable. He said to check the hinged cap on the water meter, located outside of the house. If the red triangle dial is spinning, there is a leak, said Seaton. “Sometimes there is a leak underground that goes unnoticed,” said Seaton. But checking the dial will detect a leak, he said. Seaton said about 2,500 gallons of water a month should be used per person. However, water usage can easily be decreased by 30 to 40 percent by taking shorter showers, running full loads in washing machines, and repairing water leaks promptly. “Every penny counts,” said Bartlett.

For more tips on conserving water, go to: http://www.wateruseitwisely.com.