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July 21, 2009
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Vanessa Loy.
Sonshine Communications

(BPRW) Coloring Your Perception

(BLACK PR WIRE)people realize how color influences their perception, but its affects are everywhere. Think about the inside of a typical buffet or fast food restaurant, with its bright lighting and bright pastel colors. Contrast that with a formal restaurant. They are usually darkly lit inside, with mostly black, gray or brown interior. They are designed that way for a reason. Bright lights and colors induce people to rapid eating and movement, so they are used in fast food restaurants. A dark interior has a relaxing, slowing effect, designed to extend a patron’s visit.

Our reactions to colors, in part, have a basis in their association in nature. Blue and green, for example, are the colors of the sky, water and healthy vegetation. They are associated with tranquility and healing, and blue has been said to lower the pulse rate.

Fiery tones, in contrast, have a stimulating effect. Orange and red induce passion and enthusiasm, and grab attention. Yellow is associated with intellect and concentration. Maybe that’s why writing pads are most commonly yellow.

Black is associated with sophistication, seriousness and authority. In many societies, judges and clergy wear black robes. Black interior makes a room appear smaller and more intimate.

Brown, the color of wood and soil, represents rustic simplicity and wholesomeness.

Purple has a feeling of imagination and creativity. Purple also has a historic association with royalty.

Pink is associated with romance, compassion and femininity.

White is associated with purity and sterility. White is the color of bridal gowns and predominant in medical offices.

Color theory doesn’t just work in restaurants; it can affect the mood of your office and home, the readability of your business materials and website, and the effectiveness of your professional wardrobe. If any of these areas need an image makeover, the solution may be as simple as a change of hue.