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November 05, 2009
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Celine Elveus
Sonshine Communications

(BPRW) Adopt A Child, Save A Life

(BLACK PR WIRE) Each year, nearly a million American children are placed in foster care following abuse and neglect. While the foster care system aids in providing a place for a child, the arrangement is temporary. Eventually, the child needs a stable environment. It is reported that African American children are more likely than children of any other race in the United States to end up in foster care. According to, African American children make up 19 percent of the population but they account for 49 percent of those living in foster homes. The chance of these children having a normal childhood relies solely on them being reunited with their biological parents or being adopted, depending on the case.

There are several reasons why an individual might want to adopt. For women experiencing infertility, adoption often becomes the next step. A relative of a close friend might want to adopt the children of a deceased loved one to prevent them from being separated from the family. A husband might even consider adopting his wife’s children from a former relationship or vice versa. All are exceptional motives. Yet with so many children being born into the world every day shouldn’t it be our responsibility to discuss the problem of abused and neglected children and our responsibility in caring for them? The poverty rate amongst minorities can be staggering. There are 46 percent of African American and 40 percent of Latino children living in poverty here in America alone. Keep in mind that these children are defenseless and vulnerable and deserve a chance to experience wonderful things in life. Without our help, their survival rate is very slim. With our help perhaps they could thrive!

Due to constant news of celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Madonna making efforts to adopt, adopting is becoming progressively common. There is considerably less bureaucracy to deal with and there are even employers offering incentives to their employees to cover part or all of their adoption costs! However, the number of children in need far more exceeds the amount of people seeking to adopt. It should not matter where one chooses to adopt, what’s important is that one less child will lose his or her life to starvation, domestic abuse or street crime.

There are people in Haiti who wait by the port in my hometown of St. Marc for families that bring some of their children to sell in order to feed the remaining ones. Those Good Samaritans feed them, clothe them and educate them. America has a lot more opportunities than Haiti. If a few can do it there, just think of what those of us here are able to do with our resources! This is an ongoing battle but we can do it. Adopt a child, save a life!