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January 12, 2010
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Ken Fiifi Amoah
Florida Memorial University

(BPRW) How to Achieve Impossible Goals

(BLACK PR WIRE/FLMU-MIAMI) – “It has never been done,” “You will fail if you dare try,” “It is not possible,” and “You can’t do it” are a few of the words we hear from the naysayers anytime we try to do something new.

These same words were heard by Roger Bannister when he tried to break the one mile record in four minutes. They were also heard by President Barack Obama when he began his journey to become the first African American President of the U.S. Colonel Sanders at the age of sixty-five ignored such comments to launch Kentucky Fried Chicken after he had been rejected on several business opportunities. And finally, Helen Keller defied all the odds of being deaf and blind to become the first person of such kind to earn a B.A. degree.

All these great names mentioned refused to accept the words of cynics as facts but rather as opinions, and therefore went ahead to achieve their dreams. In the words of scripture, "'If you are able?' Everything is possible for the person who believes!" This is the same attitude – which in the words of Zig Ziglar determines our altitude – that has given birth to some of the world’s greatest achievements, records, inventions, discoveries, honors and many of our finest institutions. It is the fundamental principle which defines self-confidence in an individual. Anytime one sets a goal to accomplish, the first obstacle to fight is the fear of failure.

Fear put in its right definition is an illusion. Just like a mirage, it is not real. From afar it intimidates us and causes us to limit our potential. However, when we master the courage to face it, we get closer only to find out that the fear we envisioned was just a false image. In light of this, fear of failure shouldn’t be an option as to why we stop making progress towards our dreams. Ralph Waldo Emerson left us with the timeless quote, "Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain." As we continue to define the philosophies of our lives, let us at all times allow the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson to inspire us to break all the barriers of success, especially the mental monsters of fear and doubt we face on the pathway to success.

On the pathway to success, we will find indestructible signposts such as diligence, persistence, planning, patience, time management and courage. With belief still being the underlying concept, action forms all the bricks which lay on the foundation. Action alone is not enough. Just as one crucial person does not form a team alone, it is a combination of these values blended with a passion, a vision, a mission and a conviction which leads to an accomplishment. Still on the journey to success, we should maintain positive affirmations like, “I can do it,” “It is within my reach,” “My faith will lead me through,” “It is possible,” and as a final point, in the utterances of President Obama, “Yes We Can.”

Conclusively, it has been proven time and time again by ordinary people doing extraordinary things that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to do it. Notice the first two letters of the word “impossible” are IM, meaning “I M possible.” So anytime we hear the skeptics say “impossible,” we will respond by saying “I M possible.”