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January 25, 2010
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Tyrone Hall
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(BPRW) Pro Bowl Set To Kick-off in South Florida

(BLACK PR WIRE/FLMU-MIAMI) – What could possibly be better than the Super Bowl being back in Miami for a record-setting 10th time? How about the NFL Pro Bowl taking place the week before? If that does not jump-start your excitement, just think of all the events, activities and celebrities that will be in attendance.

There is no better place to host a sporting event than Miami. Where else can you visit sunny beaches, enjoy warm weather and wear comfortable clothing in the month of February? With both the NFL Pro Bowl and Super Bowl in town, there will also be thousands of visitors, fans, celebrities and of course, plenty of NFL football action!

Some of the NFL’s most talented athletes from both the AFC and NFC will be making the trip to play in the Pro Bowl and possibly even stay to watch the Super Bowl. Here are some of the top players from the AFC and NFC who will be playing: Vince Young (Tennessee Titans quarterback), Maurice Jones Drew (Jacksonville Jaguars running back), Ray Rice (Baltimore Ravens running back), Brandon Marshall (Denver Broncos wide-receiver) and Chad OchoCinco (Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver).

From the NFC we have: Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers quarterback), Deangelo Williams (Carolina Panthers running back), Desean Jackson (Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver), Miles Austin (Dallas Cowboys wide receiver) and Jason Witten (Dallas Cowboys tight end).

On the defensive side, both teams have some of the best players to ever play at their position and who are known for making game-changing interceptions, quarterback sacks and fumble recoveries. They include Vince Wilfork (New England Patriots interior lineman), James Harrison (Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker), Ray Lewis (Baltimore Ravens, middle linebacker) and strong safeties Brian Dawkins (Denver Broncos) and Brandon Merriweather (New England Patriots).

The NFC is just as good on defense with the stars who have made this year’s roster: Julius Peppers (Carolina Panthers defensive end), Trent Cole (Philadelphia Eagles defensive end), Demarcus Ware (Dallas Cowboys outside linebacker), Asante Samuels (Philadelphia Eagles cornerback) and Adrian Wilson (Arizona Cardinals strong safety).

With the Pro Bowl being played before the Super Bowl, there will be twice as much action and a chance for football fans to cheer like never before. There also will be plenty of memorable moments in both games.