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March 17, 2010
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Tyrone Hall
Florida Memorial University

(BPRW) Are You In Need Of A Spiritual Dessert?

(BLACK PR WIRE/FLMU-MIAMI) – If you are wondering what I mean by a spiritual dessert, then it can only indicate that your spirit could use an extra boost of God’s Word to help jumpstart your day. The Word of God is essential to living a life of abundance, prosperity, and the source of obtaining eternal life through Christ Jesus.

What comes to mind when you think of “Our Daily Bread?” From a biblical perspective, ODB is a pamphlet comprised of short stories about everyday situations that are used to inspire and encourage us as we strive towards living a godly life. Reading the bible and spending time with God is your main course because it will touch every aspect of your life. If you allow it to penetrate your heart, you will surely be changed for the better.

After you have finished feeding your spirit man the main course (the Word of God), make an effort to give him a taste of Our Daily Bread. This small but pocket-size devotional is capable of leaving your spirit man craving more of God’s knowledge and His purpose for your life.

I encourage you today to ensure that just as you feed your natural man with nutritional food and sweet desserts to satisfy your hunger, make the effort to do the same for your spirit because your spirit is what belongs to God. If you monitor what you allow to enter your mind, then God will surely take care of everything else that you may be facing at this present time.