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March 22, 2010
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Ellen Underwood
Sonshine Communications

(BPRW) More Than Books! Libraries Often Serve As Community Gathering Spots

(BLACK PR WIRE) -- When was the last time you visited a public library? If it has been awhile (don’t tell – maybe years or decades), a visit will reveal a different library from those of the past in many ways. Yes. Libraries still have good books to borrow and vast amounts of reference materials. But, in addition, nearly all today have computers, free Internet, DVDs to borrow (why pay a fee?), many varied and unusual magazines and newspapers, and on-line services.

In addition, in our often-impersonal and fast worlds, libraries may offer something else: a place to get to know your neighbors and learn about community issues in a pleasant atmosphere. A visit to a public library is free, you can always leave with something good to read or watch, and they offer group activities for adults and children. It’s downright hard not to find something educational, enlightening or fun for even the most discerning visitor. Of course, libraries have vast materials that will appeal to African American visitors – books, DVDs, and reference resources – as well as for visitors of all backgrounds.

Libraries today do more than enrich the mind. They enrich the soul. Libraries now serve as community focal points and gathering spots. They are one of the few places where people can meet in a safe, comfortable atmosphere at little or no expense – free of affiliation from special interest or organization.

Libraries today host community meetings in modern conference rooms (some can accommodate more than 100 people) and offer materials about important community activities and issues. Most libraries are open several evenings per week, Saturdays, and now some are open on Sunday.

Libraries offer more than just a good book; they serve as a rare place to get to know your neighbors, interact with others in planned activities, and learn about community issues.

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