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April 02, 2010
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(BPRW) Barbados: Something for Everyone!

(BLACK PR WIRE) – For a tiny land of approximately 270,000, Barbados is a giant among the world’s travel destinations. Whether your interest is white sand beaches, lively nightlife performances, fishing, shopping or snorkeling, the possibilities are endless when you vacation in Barbados!

A British colony for centuries, Barbados celebrated 40 years of independence during 2006, but they haven’t completely lost their colonial-era customs. As in other British-Caribbean nations, most people are affiliated with the Anglican Church, and cricket is the national sport. The sport is so popular that Barbados was one of the host countries for the 2007 Cricket World Cup.

The people of Barbados, who’ve nicknamed themselves “Bajans,” are predominantly of African descent and speak English as the official language. There are other ethnic groups as well, including British, Celtic, Asian and Middle Eastern Bajans.

If sunny beaches aren’t your thing, maybe you’d prefer the underground scene… literally. Harrison’s Cave in St. Thomas Parish is a natural subterranean cave where visitors can see stalactites, stalagmites, pools and waterfalls. An electric tram ride gives visitors an up-close view of these unique passages of rock formations.

If you’ve had enough people-watching, try some animal watching. The Barbados Wildlife Reserve in St. Peter Parish in is home to several breeds of monkeys, as well as deer, raccoons, otters, and an unusual creature known as an agouti.

For history buffs, take a tour of St. Nicholas Abbey, also located in St. Peter Parish. This castle-like Jacobean mansion was built in the 1600’s and has preserved its vintage architecture. Another Jacobean mansion built during the same time period is Drax Hall, in St. George Parish. St. Nicholas and Drax Hall have the honor of being two of the three remaining Jacobean mansions in the Western Hemisphere.

Be sure to end your vacation with a blast! In front of The Main Guard House in St. Michael Parish is the Garrison, a mounted collection of 17th Century English cannons. They are interesting artifacts for viewing and taking pictures.

With so many different activities and a year-round tropical climate, there’s never a wrong time and never a wrong reason to visit Barbados.