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April 09, 2010
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Celine Elveus
Sonshine Communications

(BPRW) Private Institutions vs. Public Institutions

(BLACK PR WIRE) -- While more companies are seeking employees with higher education, students are wondering about the type of institution that will be cost-worthy for them. What type of college will better suit me, private or public? Is the cost of a private education worth it? Do I want to attend a class with 800 other students? Will I get my professor’s attention when I need it? Will a private college provide me with a better education? These are the types of questions high school graduates are asking themselves. The situation causes sleepless nights to parents of those worried students wondering how they will pay for their children’s education.

When you get right down to it, high school students planning on attending college want a college they can afford, particularly minority students with limited means for a college education. It is reported that the annual cost at a private school is a whopping $30,367 compared to $12,796 at a public school. With the rise in tuition, more students are sacrificing the school of their choice for lower-costing schools. Many students do not even consider the possibility of attending a private college due the high expense. They settle instead for a public institution with an affordable tuition. However, some students choose chemistry over cost. They prefer the personal touch, the small environment and the benefit of being treated as people and not as numbers. The low student/teacher ratio seems more appealing to them.

Regardless of how high the cost is at a private school, a top student can benefit more financially at a private college than a public college. Private colleges offer highly-academically-savvy students a more comprehensive financial aid package than public colleges do. Students with high test scores and great grade point averages find private schools more generous when it comes to financial aid. Public colleges are less like likely to offer similar packages as public schools because they are mainly under state legislatures, therefore limited in resources.

If you are a high school senior looking to obtain a college degree, expand your horizons and apply to as many colleges as you financially can, public or private. The cost of those applications might be hefty but you might be surprised at the savings in the long run. You might also get the chance to attend the college of your choice.