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June 19, 2010
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(BPRW) Meant to Help You Reach Your Potential

- African Americans Benefit from Mentors -

(BLACK PR WIRE) – Who wouldn’t want to have a friend, career coach, or confidante to help them maneuver their way to job success? Very few people. A mentor is meant to be all of these things and more, acting as your personal career counselor. One that can help you to reach your ultimate potential.

According to Catalyst’s 2002 “Women of Color in Corporate Management Report,” not having an influential mentor was reported as one of the top barriers to advancement of African American female executives. The study also showed that 69 percent of those with mentors were promoted, compared with 50 percent of those with no mentors.

So, what should you look for in a mentor? According to, a good mentor should be a leader in the field, be willing to invest time with you, and have something valuable to teach you. 

It’s always comforting when someone seeks you out and offers to provide you with feedback and honest advice, but what if this doesn’t happen? How do you go about finding a mentor that can open doors for you? Follow these steps from

• Be direct and ask. If you are uncomfortable in your job situation, simply ask for career advice and take it from there.

• Identify common interests with others that can bridge to positive relationships.

• Use your network to meet new people and find potential mentors: Participate in workplace social activities, frequent your work’s recreational facilities and attend industry events.

• Participate in mentor programs sponsored by professional associations.

• Investigate formal mentoring programs at your workplace. If there aren’t any, approach human resources about pairing you with a mentor.

• Join committees within mainstream and African American professional associations and get to know the other members.

• If your company has an African American employee network, join and get to know the key players.

Adhering to these tips will point you in the right direction to finding that all important mentor. Remember that African Americans can certainly benefit from having a mentor, as they are meant to help us reach our full potential.