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July 16, 2010
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M3 Cosmetic Labs, LLC
Mary Lee Joshua

(BPRW) M3 Cosmetic Labs Brings Argan Oil Technology to Ethnic Hair Care

Launch of Arganics line highlight of AHBAI Mid-Year Conference

(BLACK PR WIRE) ( July 16, 2010) LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- During one of the most important gatherings of the ethnic health and beauty aids industry this year, M3 Cosmetic Labs, LLC today introduced its Arganics hair care system. The new line features the company’s advanced blend of Moroccan Argan Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil to help repair damaged hair while delivering a new level of shine, luster and hair health. 

M3 Cosmetic Labs, led by industry thought-leaders Marty Harris Joshua and Mary Lee Joshua, developed the Arganics line to fill a void in the ethnic hair care and beauty market. The two announced the Arganics line during the AHBAI Mid-Year Conference in Las Vegas. AHBAI is an internationally renowned trade association representing the world's leading Black owned companies that manufacture ethnic hair care and beauty related products. 

M3 Cosmetic Labs is fueled by the same revolutionary spirit and creativity that launched this industry decades ago, said Marty Joshua, president of M3. The industry needs a new level of excellence and this is it! In developing Arganics, we conducted extensive ingredient evaluations and product testing to bring the best of the best technologies to market. 

At the heart of the Arganics platform is M3s proprietary blend of Moroccan Argan Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The synergy of these two exotic oils allows Arganics to deliver double the amounts of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids as Olive Oil alone and delivers them directly into the hair shaft for healthy, nourished hair. 

M3s Argan Oil advantage represents one of the first innovations in ethnic hair care in a long time, said Mary Lee Joshua, vice president of M3. Our Argan Oil blend truly is the next generation of oil replenishment technology. 

The Arganics line offers a complete suite of styling products for the entire family:
• OutGel This! Styling Gel for firm hold, control & shine. Alcohol-free, water-based formula does not flake and delivers a smooth well-conditioned finish.
• OutMoist This! Oil Moisturizer Treatment for long-lasting body, protection and shine without a greasy buildup. Light enough for daily use.
• OutTreat This! Hair & Scalp Gro Treatment for shiny, healthier hair. Seals in moisture while protecting your hair from breakage, heat styling, chemicals, and the environment.
• OutCleanse This! Infinite Moisturizing Shampoo for ultimate cleansing and conditioning . Leaves hair feeling healthy, silky & shiny.
• OutReplenish This! Infinite Moisturizing Conditioner for restorative conditioning. Penetrates deep into the hair shaft.
• OutPolish This! Polishing Hair Serum for superior shine, heat protection and repair. Lightweight feel. 
• OutShine This! Oil Sheen Conditioning Hair Spray Conditions and shines all hair types while protecting hair from heat abuse and chemicals. It is lightweight and conditions all day.
• Double Conditioning & Moisturizing No-Lye Relaxer Kit for DOUBLE conditioning and moisturizing during relaxing. Features special Chelating Rinse step to help reduce breakage and remove mineral deposits.
• OutStop This! Neutralizing & Clarifying Shampoo removes all relaxer and caustic residue from your hair after relaxing. Color-alarm technology helps prevent over processing. 

About Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
Rich in antioxidants, such as Vitamins A and E, EVOO helps to renew and repair damaged hair. Known to help seal and lock in moisture by smoothing the hair cuticle, EVOO will not leave a greasy build-up on hair, but will help with managing dryness and adding a perfect balance of moisture. 

About Moroccan Argan Oil
Native only to Morocco, Argan Oil has been dubbed a miracle oil for treatments that help replenish and re-nourish the hair shaft. Argan Oil is high in unsaturated fatty acids and rich in Omega-9, which has been shown to aid in hair’s strength and health. 

About M3 Cosmetic Labs, LLC
M3 Cosmetic Labs, LLC develops and markets high-quality, innovative health and beauty aid products. The company’s flagship line, Arganics, features a proprietary blend of Moroccan Argan Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil to restore hair’s natural shine, luster and health. For more information about the company and its innovations, visit