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September 09, 2010
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- WAHL® offers full line of multicultural grooming tools to avoid skin irritation and easily maintain style -

(BLACK PR WIRE)STERLING, ILL. (September 9, 2010) – When it comes to maintaining personal style, WAHL knows that a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t do the trick. That is why they’ve developed a full line of facial hair trimming and electric shaving products to meet the unique grooming needs of men with curly facial hair – especially prominent with African American men. WAHL multicultural products alleviate concerns of pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB) that shows itself in the form of razor bumps, in-grown hair and skin irritation from snagging, pulling and uneven cutting – often facilitated by curly hair growing back into the skin. 

The key to avoiding PFB and providing a great trim or shave is in the blades. With a conventional razor blade, the hair is cut straight down, leaving the hair at an oblique angle. When using a WAHL trimmer with ground blades or WAHL shaver with a hypoallergenic foil, the hair is cut clean, even and at a 90 degree angle (horizontal cut even across) which decreases the ability of the hair to grow back into the skin. In addition, an electric tool is not as aggressive as a straight blade which also helps avoid cutting back into bumps – causing further irritation to the affected area. Electric tools don’t cut as close allowing a bit of hair to rest above the skin surface as well.

To remedy razor bumps or in-grown hairs on the face there are several recommendations:
• Wash face and remove oil prior to shaving or trimming. Oil on the skin can cause irritation and force in-grown hairs.
• Shave or trim at the end of the shower or after the hair has been wet at least five minutes to help soften the hair and make it easier for trimming.
Minimize repeat strokes to avoid irritating the skin.
• Brush facial hair thoroughly every day with a good scrubbing action to free in-grown whiskers and move the hair around so they don’t take hold and start growing in. Use a beard or stiff bristle brush that can be sanitized (a toothbrush is fine). Keep the brush clean.
• Brush facial hair to start training it to grow in one direction. This goes a long way to ensuring a clean, close shave without skin irritation.

“If you have the right tools in your arsenal maintaining your facial hair at home is convenient and saves money,” said WAHL Master Barber, Ben Phillips. “Most people think they can grab a trimmer or shaver off the shelf and it will do the trick. But, each guy has unique grooming needs, and it is important they have the right tools to achieve their desired look without concerns of in-grown hairs and bumps.”

WAHL’s T-Pro grooming tool features a diamond finished blade with specially rounded teeth to avoid pulling – providing a bump-free trim. The compact size allows you to trim anywhere you want and makes it a great travel companion.

The T-Pro grooming kit includes a handful of tools needed to shave, detail, trim, fade and outline. Along with the trimmer is a complete set of three differing length guide combs, beard brush, comb brush and blade oil. To help men get a handle on their facial hair maintenance, the kit also includes an easy-to-follow styling guide in both English and Spanish.
WAHL also offers the Super Close Bump-Free shaver with a hypoallergenic foil for sensitive skin. It provides a tight shave without the concerns of PFB.

These and other WAHL multicultural products are available at and retailers around the country for purchase. WAHL also offers a variety of tips, encyclopedia of styles and “ask the experts” section at 

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