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November 03, 2010
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- Wahl® offers full line of multicultural tools to meet unique African American grooming needs-

( BLACK PR WIRE) STERLING, ILL. ( November 3, 2010) – While some shopper’s wallets have opened back up, many still maintain a fiscally responsible mindset by seeking products that help save money. Cutting hair at home is a great opportunity to do just so. A family of four can easily save $500 annually when three or more family members cut their hair at home
However, not everyone is comfortable cutting hair at home, especially since each head of hair is unique. When it comes to providing a consistent, worry-free haircut at home Wahl knows not every product is properly designed to achieve some of the popular hair styles that African American men sport. That is why they’ve developed a full line of home haircutting products that meet the unique grooming needs of men seeking tight haircuts such as the bald look, fade or equal length all around. The difference between Wahl and other clippers is the blades. When using a Wahl clipper with ground blades, the hair is cut clean and even and without any snagging or pulling.

African American head hair varies by growth and texture between individuals. With the right tools, cutting hair at home can become a reality. In fact, a majority of people say they are confident using a hair clipper in three haircuts or less, the same amount of time it takes for the clipper to pay for itself.�

Following are tips for achieving an even or a tight look:
• Wash hair prior to cutting to remove any oil and help get hair at full length.
• Keep a wide-tooth comb handy and continue to softly comb through each area of hair before cutting. If the hair is wet, be careful. Hair is most fragile when wet.
• First time haircutters should start with the longest guide comb and cut only a small amount of hair to get a feel for the length of hair each guide comb provides.

• For a uniform length, cut at a slow even speed.
• Use a rocking motion to blend defined cut lines between lengths.
• For tighter styles, utilize the versatility of the taper level to gradually change the closeness of the cut. (up position = closest cut; down position = longest cut) Should the blades become jammed with hair, move the taper lever up and down several times to free up the blades.
“Cutting hair at home can be a reality if you are equipped for the task at hand and take the time to learn the basics,” said Wahl Master Barber, Ben Phillips. “But it isn’t a one size fits all approach. Each head of hair has unique grooming needs, and different styles require different tools to more easily obtain.”
Additional tips on cutting different hairstyles at home, in addition to how-to videos and step-by-step instructions are available at
Wahl offers several home haircutting kits to help easily achieve a variety of popular hairstyles. Each clipper features ground blades to avoid pulling and snagging while cutting. The Baldfader features Wahl’s Precision “T” Blade which is great for fades, short cuts and high ‘n tight styles. Other clippers offer blades and guards suited for longer styles as well. Wahl clippers are available for purchase at and at retailers around the country.

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