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November 06, 2010
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Tiffany Nealy
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

(BPRW) How HBCUs Can Make Their Campuses Green

(BLACK PR WIRE/FAMU-TALLAHASSEE) – With climate change being an issue that is at the forefront of all legislative debates, many HBCUs are working to make their campuses eco-friendly. Some ideas that are being seen on campuses are the installation of recycling bins. Encouraging students to separate their plastics from other disposables is a great way to help stop the advancement of climate change.

Another effort seen on campuses is the re-use of paper. Recycling paper for multiple projects is becoming more acceptable in some classrooms. Recycling bins set up near printers is a great way to get students to recycle. Dominick Ar’dis, a senior healthcare management student from Florida A&M University said, “I like seeing that my campus is concerned with environmental issues. African Americans are not concerned with these issues and by putting them in their face, it makes it more real.”

Campuses can become more creative when trying to encourage their students to recycle. Below are a few ideas that could be used:

• Encourage students to use re-usable containers for their drinks.

• Start up a club that encourages students to become more involved with the environment.

• Use fluorescent lighting.

Devin Stowers, a senior mathematics student from Savannah State said, “I didn’t really recycle like that because I didn’t think it was important. Knowing what I know now, I will do my best to recycle on campus as well as off.”