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January 21, 2011
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-Product Equips Women with Jewels for the Journey in Life-

(BLACK PR WIRE) “Our life is a big jigsaw puzzle whereby we spend all of our time trying to fit in,” exclaims Bernadette Morris, founder of Women Grow Strong, Inc.

Taking that mantra as a focal point, Morris and her creative team have designed and developed an innovative product that helps women sit back and work together to empower their lives.

The “Total Woman” puzzle features eight useful jewels (or messages) needed to help equip the women for victorious living. The tools are accompanied with scripture messages and provide an opportunity to learn and grow and share life’s experiences with one another. Each jewel is accompanied by a scripture for reference and teaching.

The “Total Woman” puzzle was first used during a local women’s conference. Following the conference, women asked to buy the puzzle. Orders for the puzzle have since been very favorable and the puzzle has been manufactured and placed online, receiving orders nationwide. From group sessions to mother daughter slumber parties, the puzzle helps to embrace communication, unity and engagement among women and young girls.

“It has always been my belief that through our walk with God, the puzzle pieces are fitted together,” says Morris. “But sometimes, we are so busy trying to place square pegs into round holes that we don’t get it, so the Lord impressed upon my heart to develop this creative tool to help us talk about our lives as women. This puzzle is the conduit for that conversation.”

The Wings “Total Woman” puzzle is available for $12 each plus tax, shipping and handling. In addition, Bernadette provides women’s ministry session for groups and organizations throughout Florida. The WING BLING events help to build cohesiveness among women in the body of Christ.

Women Grow Strong, Inc. is a not-for-profit women and young adult support company that provides training, counseling, development and discipleship. Also known as WINGS (Women in Need Growing Strong), the business helps to sow seeds of mercy, grace, provision and love into the hearts and souls of women seeking empowerment, self-esteem and confidence. The overall goal of WINGS is to help develop, build and sustain women’s contributions and goals in society through educational training, counseling and business development initiatives. Topics ranging from health and fitness to image and business etiquette are addressed through workshops and goals-building sessions. Once women become empowered, they become better mothers, wives and overall contributors to society.

Bernadette Morris, a successful business owner and entrepreneur, established Women Grow Strong in 2008. To date, the faith-based ministry has helped over 400 women.

For more information on WINGS, or to order a puzzle, please visit the website or call (305) 948-8063, ext. 228.