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February 11, 2011
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(BPRW) Give the Gift of Health and Wellness This Valentine's Day

Nutrionist Offers Non-Food Options, Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Lovers and the Lovelorn

(BLACK PR WIRE) College Park, MD) – Despite the conventional wisdom of sweets for the sweets, Valentines Day can be full of peril for those trying to keep a healthy weight loss diet. That, plus the traditional lovers dinner for two or the lonelyheart's gallon of ice cream can also unhinge even the reserve of the most dedicated dieter To help those who might fall sway to temptations of the heart, My Weight Doctor (r) has developed a list of nutritional tips. My Weight Doctor® Valentine’s Day Health and Wellness plan offers nutritional guidance for the lovelorn and the hopeless romantic on the national day of romance. (Available at

“We have developed a plan that will help you to lose weight and fell better through a system of rewards and benefits,” said Nicole Babka, CPT, CFT Program Manager of Nutrition and Fitness Therapies MyWeightDoctor® Medical Weight Loss Centers.

The My Weight Doctor® Valentine’s Day Health and Wellness plan provides healthy living tips to help couples inspire and motive each other throughout the year. The plan, developed by licensed physicians, provides nutritional guidance through meal planning, meal replacement therapies, and nutritional supplements.

“The first step to any healthy lifestyle plan is to recognize how your diet affects your body,” said Babka. “Since, the traditional snacks associated with Valentine’s Day tend to be high in sugar; they can affect the body’s cholesterol levels, produce too much acid in the stomach, and increase bacterial fermentation in the colon. These side-effects contribute to mood imbalance, weight gain, and sexual health.”

Instead of giving your loved one a box of chocolates or a bag of sweet tarts consider gifts that do not involve the traditional Valentine’s Day sweets. “We all live increasingly hectic and stressful lives, consider giving your loved one a gift certificate for a spa treatment or massage. Lavish your special someone with a booklet of ‘sweetheart coupons’ redeemable throughout the year for kisses, backrubs, and home cooked dinners,” said Babka.

“What your special someone wants more than anything during Valentine’s Day is your time and affection, so be creative, design something unique, and remember to slide them a gift certificate for extra services at any of the My Weight Doctor® facilities,” Babka said.

The My Weight Doctor® Medical Weight Loss facilities are located in Herndon, Va., Rockville, Md., and College Park, Md.

tips include:

Instead of Chocolates and Candy Hearts give the gift of Health and Wellness this Valentine’s Day
1. Gift certificate for a massage or other spa treatment
2. Bathrobe and slippers
3. Bubble bath, lotion and soaps that smell like your sweetheart’s favorite dessert
4. Gift certificate for a session with a personal trainer
5. Home cooked healthy dinner
6. Homemade booklet of “coupons” that you sweetheart can redeem throughout the year for
kisses, backrubs, foot rubs and home cooked dinners
7. Your sweetheart’s favorite perfume or cologne
8. Flowers always do the trick.
9. A shopping trip to celebrate those pounds lost!
10. Gift Certificate to MyWeightDoctor for additional services