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February 11, 2011
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Deacon Ozie Henry


“I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.” Phil. 4:13

(BLACK PR WIRE) Worried that you might have to spend hundreds that you don’t have just to keep your image sharp? Well, put your worries to rest. Or better yet, let Elegant Blessed Fashions of California give you the peace of mind, that when it’s time for church you will look your best. At, you will find everything you need for that special day and every other day for that matter—whether it’s a wedding, reunion, party, or any other festive occasion.

The term “one-stop shopping” does not even do justice to what you can find at Elegant Fashions of California. “The Only Shop” is a more accurate. When we say you’ll find everything you need, we mean just that. Everything! We carry the highest quality merchandise with over 50 manufactures to choose from, and amazingly, all within one shop. Men’s and women’s dress suits are 60%-70% below wholesale prices, with 40-50 thousand suits in stock ready to ship out to you the same day you order!

Why pay ridiculous prices for dress clothes when you can save hundreds of dollars and purchase several items instead of just one? Elegant Blessed Fashions of California allows you to literally save more in order to buy more. View our online catalog and select from literally hundreds of “inspirational styles” from the design studios of Chancelle, Milano, Terramina, Aussie Austine, The L.A. Collection, J Lauren, and many other top designers.

Men can choose from designer suits, high-end fashion suits, and R and B designer suits from Reflections, Upscale Styling, The Presidential Collection, and top sellers all designed in Italy.

And what about those accessories which are the fashion glue bringing any suit to a unified perfection? Look no further! Elegant Blessed Fashions of California has it all; an unbelievable collection of men’s and women’s hats, shoes, belts, ties, jewelry, shirts, perfumes and colognes, and whatever else you might need to “put it all together.”

Encourage others in the Spirit with a T-shirt with a custom theme design to remind your acquaintances to keep their faith alive! Classy T-shirts go hand in hand with denim designs which allow you to look sharp even when it’s time to chill out with some of your friends and enjoy some great fellowship. There is no reason to be embarrassed any longer by wearing the same old suit or dress that is perhaps, a bit tighter than it used to be. Exhale and go where the prices allow you to fill your closet with the highest quality clothes, all for 60-70% below the wholesale prices!

Elegant Blessed Fashions of California pays particular attention to the styles and designs appreciated by those within the Black community, and particularly in the Black churches where we take our church-going serious. Everything needed church is at There is nothing more compelling than a sunny Sunday morning Easter service to bring out the best in all of us, and Elegant Blessed Fashions of California is there to help you make it happen.