For Immediate Release
January 05, 2012
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Lasya, Incorporated
Amanda Greatens
Chief of Sales and Marketing

(BPRW) Lasya, Incorporated Launches Lanterna(TM), a Patent-Pending Cosmetic Cream Containing deoxyArbutin to Improve the Appearance of Skin Tone and Reduce the Appearance of Skin Imperfections

(BLACK PR WIRE)--CINCINNATI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Now you can “Live in Your Best Light,” as Lasya, Incorporated announces the launch of its first product, LanternaTM, a cosmetic cream containing 3% deoxyArbutin (dA). dA, originally developed by Lasya CEO Mitchell de Long, has been found to be highly effective in reducing the appearance of age spots, freckles, and other skin imperfections, and also improves the appearance of overall skin tone in as little as four weeks, with increased improvement in appearance with continued use.

In the most common laboratory test used to detect improvement in the appearance of skin pigmentation, dA was found to be thirty times more potent than Arbutin, a common cosmetic ingredient used to improve the appearance of skin tone. Additionally, unlike other popular compounds for similar use, which can rapidly degrade into harmful byproducts, deoxyArbutin has been shown to be stable to oxidation. “Given the exceptional characteristics of dA, including its safety and efficacy profile, it should rapidly displace many competitive products to become the most used compound for achieving the long sought goal of more even, more beautiful appearing skin,” stated de Long.

LanternaTM will be marketed through dermatology practices, as well as on the company website, A partnership with a national department store/cosmetic retailer is currently being sought. The MSRP for a one month supply is $94.50, with volume discounts for medical professionals. Product will begin shipping January 15, 2012.

Requests for additional information, wholesale inquiries, and professional sales can be directed to Amanda Greatens, Chief of Sales and Marketing,, or via the company website,  

Lasya, Incorporated, a 25 million dollar company, has offices in Cincinnati, OH and the Research Triangle Park, NC and is a research-based beauty care corporation that is committed to improving the lives of its customers as well as supporting the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. A portion of every sale goes to support medical research for children. The management team of Lasya, Incorporated has a combined total of over eighty years of skin science research and product development experience and together hold over 50 patents and patent applications. Lanterna’s composition is protected by issued patents as well as patents pending. Investment inquiries should be directed to Mitchell de Long,

Lasya’s namesake is Lasya, the Tibetan Goddess of Beauty and Dignity of the Body. She is traditionally depicted wearing white clothing and carrying a mirror, and obtains her power from the light of the sun and of the moon. Photos/Multimedia Gallery Available: