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September 09, 2012
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(BPRW) Heed to the Call to Read - The Importance of Bible Study

(BLACK PR WIRE) – The world should heed to the call to read. But just don’t limit your reading to that of fiction or non fiction books – take a little time out to read the best book of all – The Bible!

If any text in the world merits serious and careful study, the Bible certainly does. Just as people require food for physical sustenance, they also need God's truth for spiritual nourishment and fulfillment. The church in all its worship, teaching, and life rests on the Bible. The Bible offers new insights each time it is explored. But it's the same with Bible study as with most things: we get out of it what we put into it. A good way to look at it is that the prayerful reading of the Bible is a spiritual encounter with God himself. Reading and studying the Bible can become an exciting adventure and a life-changing experience in Christ, according to

Let’s face it; at some time in our lives, all of us recognize that we have spiritual needs. We need guidance and direction to find hope for eternity and answers to the questions of life. Bible study is the foundation of our growing. We need it to learn about God and His will. According to, there are several key reasons why studying the Bible is so important:

(1) The Bible tells your origin.
(2) The Bible tells how you can become a member of God’s family.
(3) The Bible offers worthwhile goals for your life.
(4) The Bible states that God sent His son to die for you.
(5) The Bible tells what happens to people after death.
(6) The Bible tells how much God cares for you.

The latter reason is key because when people think no one cares, they may become discouraged or even think life is not worth living. It is during those times when Bible study becomes particularly important and we should consider what the Bible says about God's care for us:

Matthew 10:29-31 --- God cares for even the least animal, so that He knows everything that happens to it.

If so, think how much He must care about what happens to us. Through Bible study, we will come to realize that God is speaking to us. And it is our duty to grow in His word and learn more about His will. In essence, we must heed to the call to read, study the Bible every chance we get, and make it our creed!