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May 23, 2013
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Carlton Cunningham
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(BPRW) ESPN Top 20 High School Wide Receiver Jordan Cunningham Unveils 6-point Plan for School District Collaboration and Improvement before heading for Vanderbilt University next month

(BLACK PR WIRE) – On May 18th, 2013 ESPN’s 13th nationally ranked high school wide-receiver made the news once again just months after his dramatic February 6th National Signing Day announcement. In front of a small, distinguished audience including Broward County Superintendent, Robert Runcie, Dr. Abraham Fischler (one of Columbia University’s most influential alumni of the century), and others, Watkins Award honoree Jordan Cunningham unveiled a 6-point plan for school district collaboration with high school football and effective leadership development programs. Through the Franklin D. Watkins Award, the National Alliance of African American Athletes offers such a program which this year recognized the four most accomplished leaders and nationally ranked athletes. However, these athletes, as Watkins Award Committee chair, Dr. Alexander L. Gabbin emphasized, “are also among the smartest men in the country.”

Superintendent Runcie indicated that he was “truly inspired by Jordan Cunningham’s initiative” and that he believes that elements of the plan may significantly support the district’s commitment to improving the performance of Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) in general and African American male students in particular. The Superintendent indicated that more can be done through leadership programs to overcome other factors adversely affecting student achievement, as is evidenced by high school ROTC program alumni graduation rates of 99%. He added that based in part upon these findings, BCPS opened the first military school in the district last year.

Other highlights of the event included the presentation of the Most Influential Teacher Award presented to Ms. Myrna Gardner for her outstanding guidance and influence throughout Jordan Cunningham’s K-12 career. Ms. Gardner was Jordan’s 1st grade teacher and played a critical role in managing and monitoring his entire K-12 performance. Jordan was recognized by NAAA and the Franklin D. Watkins Foundation for his outstanding achievements in the community, on the field, and in the classroom. His 3.8 G.P.A., heavy course load of honors and advanced placement coursework, and his numerous other awards made Jordan eligible to join the elite Watkins group of current corporate professionals and current and retired NFL players.

At the event, Jordan also unveiled his new and improved JC2kX logo, developed in 2012 and first introduced live on national TV on National Signing Day. NSD viewers might remember that during Jordan’s NSD interview he also introduced his 50-yr career plan, emphasizing that Vanderbilt University was the perfect place to kick off the plan which begins with Jordan working hard as a D1 wide-receiver and later continues as a professional engineer and entrepreneur. On National Signing Day, Jordan indicated he plans to “work hard to get a position as a freshman” at Vanderbilt. His 6-point plan revealed last Saturday at the Watkins Award luncheon further demonstrates his continued commitment to the Broward County community. Jordan will report to Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee on June 3rd.