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October 25, 2013
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Antorris Williams
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(BPRW) How to Make a Cucumber Lemon Detox

(BLACK PR WIRE/FAMU-TALLAHASSEE) "" Wellness trends continue to take over the food scene as health fanatics begin to incorporate water detoxes into their diets. "Aside from it being a huge trend on social networks, the water detox has several beneficial effects depending on the fruits or vegetables you use," said Dannie Stewart, 22, from Jacksonville, Fla. "You're simply drinking water with natural flavors."

Water detoxes provide a natural cleanse of the body systems. The detox assists the body in removing unwanted toxins and chemicals. The body receives a boost of energy from the anti-oxidants in the fruit and vegetables. "I could feel a difference in my energy level," said Stewart.

Water is the base of the detox because it is needed for bodily functions such as maintaining fluids, assisting with bowel movement and energizing muscles. Two liters of water should sit over night with a select choice of produce in order to receive the full benefits of the cleanse.

Stewart said he enjoyed his detox. He used lemon, cucumber and watermelon. Boiling cilantro in water and using a parsley tea were also other ways Stewart added a flavor to his drink.

Citrulline is an organic compound in the amino acids of watermelon that help filter the kidneys and liver. The digestive track is stimulated because of lime or lemons. Mint leaves provide a refreshing flavor, release cramped muscles and aid the body in digestion.

For the cucumber and lemon detox: 1-2 liters of water 1 cucumber 1 lemon Ice cubes 10-13 fresh mint leaves 1. Cut cucumber into slices and place in a jug or pitcher. 2. Cut lemon into wedges and add to the pitcher. 3. Add fresh mint leaves the mixture. 4. Pour cool water in the jug or pitcher until it is filled. 5. Let the mixture sit overnight so that the flavors from the produce can infuse with the water.

"I thoroughly enjoyed trying it," said Stewart, who plans to continue incorporating the detox into his wellness lifestyle transition.

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