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November 02, 2013
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Lechelle Powell
Florida A&M University Student Writer

(BPRW) Is Mr. Right/Mrs. Right Possible at an HBCU?

(BLACK PR WIRE/FAMU-TALLAHASSEE) "" Love stories and romantic comedies portray finding your Mr./Mrs. Right as easy as going to the grocery store or taking your dog for a walk in the park. What if you met your Mr./Mrs. Right while walking in the café of your HBCU? For some this is possible but for others this is only a mere fantasy. But the question still remains, how would know if that person you met is your Mr./Mrs. Right? For most people, the thought of meeting their Mr./Mrs. Right in the café is all about the chemistry that he or she may have.

Anastasia Patterson, 25, a nursing major at Florida A&M University, said if she met her Mr. Right in the café it will all be "based on their conversation." "After we have a conversation, I'll know then he'll be the right one because we will share the same interest," Patterson added. "I really do think I could meet my Mr. Right in the café, but I would have to have seen him before on campus. That initial viewing of that one person can spark the feeling of knowing that person can be the one." Everybody wants to meet their Mr./Mrs. Right, but what exactly does that mean? According to Dictionary.com, the term "Mr. Right" "refers to a man who is viewed as an ideal romantic partner or potential spouse and is sometimes used with Miss, Ms., or Mrs. instead of Mr. when referring to a female." Statistics show that your Mr./Mrs. Right may very well be that girl/guy you met in the café. According to Statistics Brain, in 2009 there were nearly 2,077,000 marriages in the U.S. Out of that number, 21 percent of these marriages were either in college or built relationships while in college.

Natejah Ford, 21, a Mathematics Education major from Chicago, met her boyfriend at FAMU. Ford and her boyfriend have been together for a year. When asked if she could have found her Mr. Right in the café she said, "I guess I could if he fits the qualities that I would like in my Mr. Right. If he has something going for himself and he's not in school just to be in school, he would also have goals and morals. If I met him in the café, I would look at who he surrounds himself with while he's in the café and his behavior and how he acts around his friends."

According to campus explorer.com, nearly 63 percent of college women hope to meet "the one" in college. However, time is the biggest factor in knowing whether the person you met in the café is truly your Mr./Mrs. Right.

Nubian Wellness CEO and Founder Kimi Walker said that it takes time to really know if that person is "the one." Walker states that "It takes time to really get to know a person and all the intricate parts of their personality. Also, time is so important because the person has to be ready for a "˜Mr./Mrs. Right' type of relationship; it's something that can't be forced and has to develop between two people who are open, honest, and ready for a commitment."

Meeting that guy or girl in the café may lead to the potential Mr./Mrs. Right, but in time certain factors will tell.

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