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August 13, 2014
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- Part of the campaign's social media initiative -

(BLACK PR WIRE) – Miami, Fla. — In an ongoing effort to keep the DRIVE IT HOME . . . KEEP OUR PARADISE LITTER-FREESM, campaign at the top of mind for motorists, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has created the "Man vs. Litter Challenge."

The "Man vs. Litter Challenge" is a social media contest created by college students. It is a fun and innovative way to help raise awareness on the importance of the litter prevention education media campaign initiative and will help increase community support and local involvement.

"We are delighted to be a part of the litter prevention education team," says Aniqua Hendricks, a freshman of Florida State University. "Our goal is to involve more students from around the state and keep our paradise litter-free."

Participants of the DRIVE IT HOME CHALLENGE will do the following:
1. Follow @CleanFLroads on Instagram.
2. Take a photo of the litter on our state’s roadsides and take a photo of the person(s) picking up the litter and placing it in the trash can or bin. Photos can include selfies or a group shot.
3. Submit the photos to the campaign via email (; or via Instagram posting (@CleanFLroads) and hashtag it with #driveithome.

Photos will be posted on the campaign’s social media sites. The most creative along with likes at the end of each month will be the winner. The winner will receive a gift card to their choice of either Chipotle, Subway or Jamba Juice.

"We know how important it is for our age group to become aware of roadside litter," says Jimmy Mentor, who will be attending the School of Audio Engineering this fall. "Our Man vs. Litter Challenge is one tool we have put into place to get the message out in a dynamic way."

The state’s official Roadside Litter Prevention Education (RLPE) Media Campaign aims to reduce the incidence of littering on Florida highways, promote pride in the beauty of Florida’s landscapes and educate Florida motorists about the dangers and hazards of roadside litter. This new campaign was officially unveiled in the State Capitol Courtyard with a host of athletes and partners in Tallahassee in April.

Built around the theme, “DRIVE IT HOME . . . KEEP OUR PARADISE LITTER-FREESM,” the campaign enlists professional and amateur athletes from a variety of sports, who will appear in television and radio public service announcements, on print ads, outdoor billboards and in public appearances.

“Litter diminishes the aesthetics of the streets, roads and highways throughout the State of Florida,” added Tim Lattner, P.E., Director of Maintenance and the Chair of the FDOTeam Litter Prevention Education Committee. “It is not only distracting to the public, but it adversely affects the safety of drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists, as well. We look forward to making a difference.”

The campaign seeks to educate Floridians and visitors on litter issues and change their behavior by leveraging the influence of athletes portrayed in high-visibility multi-media campaign with television, radio and outdoor advertising components, as well as community events. The primary audience focus for the campaign will include driving motorists between the ages of 15 – 35.

The DRIVE IT HOME . . . KEEP OUR PARADISE LITTER-FREESM campaign will encourage Floridians to:
• Set an example and dispose of trash in proper receptacles;
• Carry a litter bag in their cars;
• Never throw anything out of a car window;
• Ensure that trash receptacles are properly covered when placed outside for garbage collection;
• Secure their loads when they carry trash or loose items on top of their vehicles; and
• Embrace small changes, such as picking up one piece of litter a day.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is an executive agency, which reports directly to the Governor. FDOT’s primary statutory responsibility is to coordinate the planning and development of a safe, viable and balanced state transportation system serving all regions of the state, and to assure the compatibility of all components, including multimodal facilities. The multimodal transportation system includes roadway, air, rail, sea, spaceports, bus transit, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities. FDOT is launching the multi-year Roadside Litter Prevention Education (RLPE) Media Campaign in an effort to support the beauty of Florida and maintain a place that residents can be proud of every day, every year.

For more information on the FDOT Roadside Litter Prevention Education Media Campaign and the "Man vs. Litter Challenge," contact Bernadette Morris of Sonshine Communications at (305) 948-8063, ext. 201 or via email