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December 16, 2014
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Jessie Trice Community Health Center

(BPRW) Jessie Trice, A Beacon of Hope for the Miami-Dade Community

(Black PR Wire) -- Jessie Trice Community Health Centers (JTCHC) are federally qualified healthcare facilities that have been the beacon of hope and answered prayer for the uninsured for over 47 years.

Those who find themselves in need of medical care, but have no insurance will not be turned away at JTCHC. The centers provide comprehensive care services to patients from pre-birth to senior citizens.

Currently there are eight centers in central and northern Miami-Dade County. The centers primarily serve the uninsured but welcome the Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance population.

In 2013 they served over 32,000 patients and those patients had 120,000 visits to the centers. Because Jessie Trice Community Health Centers are federally funded, they can receive certain benefits from the federal government and patients pay for services according to their income and financial availability.

Federal dollars are applied for those who cannot pay the full amount of their care. A sliding fee scale is applied for those who are low income. There is even a partnership with Walgreens for patients to pick up prescriptions at a discounted cost. The main JTCHC provides comprehensive services in all areas of care including pediatrics, obstetrics, family medicine, health and wellness, geriatrics, women’s care, nutrition, behavior health, and dental.

Some facilities provide service in specific areas such as pediatrics/ children’s health, women’s health, dental or family practices only. The main center is located in central Miami, but other locations are in the North area of Miami, Miami Gardens, Norland, Hialeah, Northshore, and New Liberty City.

JTCHC also has a 24 hour women’s residential treatment facility that has been serving women struggling with substance abuse since 1987.

Patients may even bring their children under the ages of five as they receive the treatment they need to get better. The center recognizes the importance of collaborations and has an extensive reach into the community through higher education institutions, foundations, coalitions, social service agencies.

County public school students are served by JTCHC at 21 school sites that are staffed with either a Licensed Practical Nurse or a Registered Nurse. Students at Florida Memorial University and St. Thomas University are also serviced by JTCHC as needed.

Under the leadership of Annie Neasman, MS, RN, the President/CEO of Jessie Trice Community Health Centers, the community is educated on a variety of health issues and given the knowledge and care needed for a better quality of life.

Ms. Neasman has a heart for community health, and as a registered nurse, she brings her background of working at the Department of Health for the state of Florida, 20 years with Jackson Memorial Hospital and six years with North Dade Health to the table.

She knows health from the hospital and community perspective, the local, state, and federal side and from the patient and medical staff angle.

Her experience and knowledge of the field has expanded her vision, which allows for implementation of enhancements that continue to benefit the community health wise. With Jessie Trice Community Health Centers located all around central and northern Miami-Dade County, there is no reason why anyone should be without medical care when they need it.

For more information about JTCHC call 305-637-6400.