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January 31, 2024
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Jasmine C. Houston at Powerhouse PR:

(BPRW) A Community Looks Toward the Glorya Kaufman Model to Address School’s Closure, Combat Disparities, and Improve the Quality of Life for Residents in the Morningside Park Community

(Black PR Wire) In the shadow of billionaire investments and nestled along the eastern entrance of the vibrant city of Inglewood, Morningside Park is gearing up for change. This community, which includes landmarks like the Forum, sitting adjacent to SoFi Stadium and blocks away from the soon to be iconic Inuit Dome, is hoping to redefine its future by drawing inspiration from a visionary’s model.

Located within this dynamic community, with the largest population of African Americans in Los Angeles County, the project aims to leverage community input and through the vision of creating a community nexus through a Case Study of the Glorya Kaufman Creative Community Center model. The community’s goal is to support education, address disparities and improve quality of life for residents in Morningside Park. At the heart of this initiative is the closed Warren Lane Elementary School, currently under receivership by the state.

The legacies of Glorya Kaufman and Justin Jampol, both esteemed leaders, highlight the transformative influence of creative expression through their model designed to support community well-being. Kaufman is renowned for her impactful role in promoting creative arts, while Jampol, Executive Director of the Wende Museum, stands out as a guiding force in fostering dialogue, understanding, and inclusivity by integrating arts and history.

The disparities identified in the 2022 Cedars Sinai Community Health Needs Assessments underscore the urgency of this project, where education, opportunities for youth and adults and mental health will take center stage. The idea of using arts and culture as a vehicle to deliver interventions is not new and has proven successful in many communities. The potential of including it into the fabric of Morningside Park, provides hope for creating a more equitable and vibrant environment, capable of addressing the multifaceted needs of its residents.

The closed Warren Lane Elementary School becomes a focal point for this transformative journey, and the community is actively engaged as it prepares its recommendations to the Asset Management Committee, the County Administrator, the advisory body to the Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD) and the County appointed IUSD Board Representative. Driven by the leadership of Community Member Steven Fisher, the hope is to breathe new life into this space.  The community aims to develop its own model of success, tailored to its needs and desires. Morningside Park residents and stakeholders will explore options on Thursday, February 29, 2024 at 7pm via Zoom regarding a future in which educational resources, arts, culture, and community well-being converge to uplift the entire neighborhood.  For further information, please contact Jasmine C. Houston at Powerhouse PR: