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July 07, 2021
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Michelle Mootreddy


At 24, Michelle Mootreddy is a budding revolutionary looking to make a difference in the Bronx

(Black PR Wire) BRONX, NEW YORK— Trailblazing from the birthplace of hip-hop, Michell D Mootreddy is more than “Pete Davidson’s Faux Wife” – they’re a advocate for BIPOC mental health and a local icon for #BlackFemmesMatter.

Mootreddy, who is a scrappy anthropologist, activist, producer, social media influencer, social entrepreneur, and writer from the South Bronx, has been racially profiled for eight, criminal charges that they did not commit.

As can be verified by the 911 dispatcher call, Mootreddy did not enter Davidson’s property at 473 Holdridge Avenue unlawfully on Thursday, March 18th, and is in fact, no stranger to New York Police Department.

In 2019, Mootreddy spoke on a panel for the NYPD’s Neighborhood Coordination team in the Chelsea section of Manhattan, on behalf of their former employer, Live Nation Entertainment.

Frank Lupo, shield #2452 of the 123 Precinct, is the NYPD detective responsible for not only racially profiling Mootreddy as an alleged burglar and stalker; but also filing excessive charges on Incidement #00104-2021.

 The controversy around Mootreddy’s professionalism and mental competency first began after a press release from their social venture broke Hollywood’s glass ceiling; ruffling the feathers of some of Davidson’s coworkers at Saturday Night Live.

“In retaliation, Heidi Gardner from SNL called me and tried pressuring me to take down my press release simply because it disclosed that Peter and I were childhood friends and were in a Josephite marriage, which is the politically correct term for twinflames who are in spiritual unions,” Mootreddy explains. 

“Thankfully, weird stuff like this used to happen to me all the time at Live Nation so I knew to record the calls. Because of this, I was able to connect with Lorne and Judd to remedy this situation; who, by the way, are both absolute sweethearts, and not just great father figures, but a pair of notorious OGs in comedy as well!”

The libelous headlines originated from “exclusive” statements made to Page Six and did not include the names or contact information of Davidson’s alleged attorneys or firm. 

However, the defamation doesn’t end there. 

After doing a social media audit as part of an investigation into the criminal charges against them, Mootreddy found themselves at the center of a social engineering attack by colleagues in their personal and professional networks.

This cybercrime included many elements; such as anti-Semitism, cyberbullying, discrimination, manipulation of “Stan” culture, and spiritual gaslighting.

The epicenter of this attack can be traced back to the organization, Sigma Lambda Upsilon/Señoritas Latinas Unidas Sorority, Inc; after social media posts with the hashtag, #SpicyAG, surfaced on Instagram from Mootreddy's mutual colleagues.

As a result of this activity, authorities had a hard time believing Mootreddy’s high-profile “twinflame” relationship as truthful, and not a figment of their imagination.

However, Mootreddy plans to seek compensation by filing civil suits with the respective parties for wrongful arrest, cyberbullying, and emotional distress.

“The real issue here is the lack of mental health literacy, especially as it relates to BIPOC communities and twinflame relationships. No one really knows how this stuff works, so that’s why when I found out I was one and I was in the public eye, I took the time to learn about this abnormal relationship, especially as it relates to my individual spiritual and social entrepreneurial journey.” 

Mootreddy, who has openly spoken out against the allegations on social media, has thankfully retained private counsel from The Law Office of Robert Gross after their experiencing ineffective counsel from their previous public defender, Marlene Vasquez, from the Legal Aid Society. 

Despite the copious evidence of malicious prosecution, Robert Gross – an attorney at The Law Office of Robert Gross – allegedly filed a motion to be relieved of counsel shortly after Mootreddy accused him of fraudulent activity.

Since May, Mootreddy has paid Robert Gross over $4000 in legal fees and Gross has already met on Mootreddy’s behalf at two, attorney-only court appearances.

“An attorney cannot drop a client unless they provide good cause or demonstrate issues with communication; but Robert has failed to do either and is potentially discriminating against me as a client,” Mootreddy vents.

“If Robert is not aiding the prosecution in a cover-up or retailing against me for my remarks; I don’t see why he failed to present evidence of his work and filed a motion that I did not consent to. Regardless, this is illegal, and I expect another attorney from his firm to be present at my upcoming court date because I have already paid for legal representation this month; as per case law and my retainer.” 

Nonetheless, Mootreddy is still pioneering anti-racism and decolonization efforts in the media and entertainment industry through their creative and professional pursuits.

Bodega Cats Presents, LLC – who are self-proclaimed community partners for the NYPD and FDNY – will be highlighting twinflame relationships as part of their company’s celebration for this year’s Minority Mental Health Awareness Month.

“Twinflame relationships are real and can be validated by mental health experts. If healthy, a twinflame relationship can be good for one’s mental health and healing; so it's personally important to me that we decolonize this conversation for the whole phenomenon, especially as it relates to the media and entertainment industry.”

While Mootreddy’s further research is now proprietary due to plagiarism concerns from competitors; individuals can learn more about Mootreddy and their rise to the public eye by purchasing a copy of their book, Our Divine Feminine Snitches, online at Barnes and Noble and can check out their ethnography on the first wave of the twinflame phenomenon published independently on their blog.

Later this month, Bodega Cats Presents, LLC will be hosting their annual event, Taking The Weight Off Your Shoulders, which is an outdoor, COVID-19 friendly exhibit featuring anonymous mental health testimonies submitted by Bronx residents. This year’s exhibit will include a carnival, photo booth, and an experiential activation for individuals to write in their own mental health testimonies on-site.

Lastly, Mootreddy and their attorney is scheduled to appear in criminal court again on Thursday, July 22, 2021 to discuss next steps.