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April 24, 2017
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(BPRW) Boom Shock Fitness Gets Brides Fit For Their Wedding Day and Beyond

(Black PR Wire) -- Every year in the United States, more than 2 million couples get married, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. For some, it’s a special rite of passage and a chance to improve certain areas in life, including one’s health. That was the case for Cordnesha Mosby. For her, signing up for a customized Boom Shock Fitness workout plan was a chance to embark on a long-term commitment to wellness – beyond her special day. Founded in 2010 by Stephanie Jones, a certified personal trainer and group fitness coach, Boom Shock specializes in empowering women to meet their fitness or wellness goals.

“I told Stephanie that although I have a wedding coming up, I did not want a quick fix. I didn’t have a magic number that I wanted to [achieve],” says Mosby, whose nuptials are scheduled in September. “What I did tell her was that I wanted to have a trainer to help me jumpstart my journey in becoming a healthier me.”

Brides with limited time, but ready to achieve results, can get a customized Boom Shock workout routine and food plan that helps them meet wellness or dress-size goals. Stephanie, who roller skates for fun, seeks to empower her clients, who are often well equipped for the challenge but need guidance. “I don’t allow my clients to use me as a crutch. You going to Red Lobster, you don’t have to call me. You already know what NOT to eat,” says the University Maryland graduate and certified massage therapist.   “It’s about growth within yourself, learning your body and what works for you.”

Stephanie also assists women struggling with high blood pressure, diabetes, bad knees or back pain. These are women determined to defy a doctor’s odds against their ability to be healthy. “I also target that person who does not know what the heck to do,” says the 38-year-old, full-time entrepreneur, “too much going on, no balance; don’t know what to eat; and don’t know what to do to work out. I get excited when my clients come to me like this, and then notice improvement. ”

When asked how she came up with the name Boom Shock Fitness for her company, Stephanie laughs and shares, “I went through a phase where whenever I got excited, I would say, ‘boomshockalocka!’ I did this for about a year.” She adds, “Then, I was having lunch with one of my girlfriends and said, ‘boomshockalocka!” She said, “That’s it!” Stephanie says her initial reaction was – no. However, eventually she landed on Boom Shock Fitness.

Spring is underway, now is the time to get fit. Sign up for a customized bridal boot camp, live virtual workout program or personal training opportunity at

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