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July 15, 2019
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Christie Grays

(BPRW) A Comfy and Functional Closet

Helpful tips from Fashion Consultant Christie Grays of I Am CHIC

(Black PR Wire) MIAMI, FL -- Your home should be your happy place. Whether it’s coming to that nice plug-in scent you love, your comfortable sofa, or all those carefully hand-picked throw pillows on your bed, you are happy to be home.  It should give you solace and peace.  Fingers crossed that this is true for you.  Even if you don’t have your dream home yet, parts of your home should certainly give you comfort, one place being your closet. 

We go to our closet every day, and that’s typically when we are getting our day started. Wanting to start each day with positive vibes, let’s ensure we have a comfy and functional closet.

You should not spend more than one (1) minute determining what you will wear each day...your clothes should speak (not literally, of course) to you.  “Hi, wear me,” said an awesome shirt and pant combo. J In order for your clothes to speak to you they need to see you and you, them.  

Here are 5 steps to achieve this.

#1 - Remove everything you don’t wear. 

#2 - Remove everything you can’t wear.

#3 - Remove everything that is discolored or with stains.

#4 - Remove everything that isn’t attire dryers, towels, weights, etc.  

#5 - Be thrilled with how much space you’ve regained!!! 

Now, what do you do with the items you removed?

#1 - Sell online.  I average $100+ a month in online sales of items I simply don’t want anymore. 

#2 - Sell online.  I’m clearly a big fan of this.  However, if you are 1 size, (just 1 size) away from getting back into a size, develop a strategy to get back into them, but keep them out of your closet until then. 

#3 – Recycle as a dust cloth.

#4 - Find a better home within your home. 

#5 - Be thrilled to see your clothes!

When you see your clothes/accessories, when everything fits and when everything is in good condition, your options each day become more clear.  Your clothes are happy and you are too!! 

About the writer: Christie Grays, MBA is President of I Am CHIC.  As a lifestyle/wardrobe consultant and speaker, individuals and corporations hire her to develop an effective visual image that is presented to the world.

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