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July 30, 2020
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(BPRW) All for Social Justice

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation creates the National Racial Equity Initiative for Social Justice

(Black PR Wire) MIAMI, FL -- The topic of social justice is a hot button and extremely important today.  Black PR Wire is all for social justice – fair and impartial treatment of African Americans. Like mainstream America, we are entitled to our human rights, equality and opportunity.


The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation has created the National Racial Equity Initiative for Social Justice in response to the historically unleveled playing field for minorities, and the recent protests and police killings of unarmed African Americans. The National Racial Equity Initiative will place Social Justice Policy Fellows in the U.S. Congress for 12 months. It will establish endowed social justice scholarships for students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities; and will advance racial equity and human rights in research, data, analysis, and public policy related to criminal justice reform for maximum impact in black communities.


This initiative is all for social justice and will help bring the issues of education, economic opportunity, incarceration, the courts, and law enforcement into clearer focus. The ultimate goal is to propose policy solutions that can be implemented for effective results.  As African Americans, we can all play an important role in making a difference – this starts with voting and letting our voices be heard at the polls. We can also participate in the U.S. Census to be counted and to help shape our community’s future.  We’re all for social justice, so let’s take all of these issues to heart and work together to do our individual parts.