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April 02, 2019
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Discovery On-the-Rise in Adults After Non-diagnosis in Childhood

(Black PR Wire) CHARLOTTE, NC -- Little research concerning Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD focuses on patients over age 50. Until, recently mental health professionals believed ADHD was not considered a possibility for people in this age category, when symptoms like forgetfulness and distractions were shared during an evaluation.  Finding out ADHD is the answer to decades of internal “Why,” questions for middle aged individuals, can provide a new-found freedom that is hard to articulate.

Adrienne Hickey, a serial entrepreneur started her salon at age 19. “I’m an end- game thinker. I was comfortable verbally attacking anyone with my truth. I believed I could fix any business issue with my ‘brilliance.’However, after diagnosis and studying Donald Trump, I came to realize my own narcissistic tendencies created a negative atmosphere.”

Adrienne relocated from Atlanta to Charlotte in August 2010; Charlotte was another successful salon start-up, and her income was over $10,000.00 per month by the third month. After a year of 60-70 hours per week in the salon, Adrienne says, “The intrinsic value of consecutive untimely life changes collided with a tiredness and a sadness I couldn’t shake. I walked away from more than $12,000 per month income for a $9.00 per hour front desk agent job at a Super 8 motel.”

In 2013, a series of events revealed Adrienne had adult ADD/ADHD.  To her frustration and disappointment, she also discovered there wasn’t a protocol or available African-American life coaches, trainers, or health care professionals addressing senior citizens who newly discovered they are ADD/ADHD. An interview with President Donald Trump on a cable show identified identical personality traits, tendencies, and mannerisms as Adrienne.  Drawn to the similarities, Adrienne also matched the same mental health tags given to President Trump,like rambling, lying, an autocratic leadership style, narcissism, verbal attacks, a father’s influence, and charisma. Adrienne recognized that she mimicked his mindset without apology which led her to understand that parallel thinking, decision-making style, autocratic leadership style and attitude, would reap the same measurable results. Adrienne began to study POTUS which revealed a “lack of empathy” was the missing ingredient that opened the door to creating the life she wanted. She compiled her journals and research into a book, How Donald Trump Cured Me Of ADD/ADHD; Developing Your Entrepreneurial ADD/ADHD Genius. The book describes how intelligent, individuals with great potential might find real answers to why they have not reached plateaus within their capabilities. The upcoming book will share daily systems for the entrepreneurial-minded individual perhaps diagnosed late with ADD/ADHD. 

 For Adrienne’s first step to recovery, she sought therapy in the African American community which is often thought of as being taboo. Research shows people of color have a history of disregarding the value of psychiatrists, counselors, or therapists, for fear of the perception of being labeled crazy. “Our therapy happens in the beauty salons, churches, and barber shops,” she said.    

Adrienne Hickey, is author of the upcoming book, How Donald Trump Cured Me Of ADD/ADHD. Developing Your Entrepreneurial ADD/ADHD Genius. She is working to establish a nationwide dialogue concerning this phenomenon and is available for speaking engagements and interviews.



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