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December 14, 2020
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Ron Ash, a new media company formed to support African American women kicks off a series of self-love candid conversations and a Facebook support group during the Covid shutdown.

(Black PR Wire) Los Angeles, CA -- Black women, more often than they speak about it, are going through abusive relationships, fertility struggles, severe mental health issues, and sexual dysfunction, amongst other things. Imposter syndrome and lack of career advancement simply because of their race seem to be a unifying theme. Generational trauma and dysfunction and depression plague many Black women, but therapy is seen as taboo. Black women are taught at an early age to keep silent and push through, not realizing that suppression does even more damage. Ron Ash seeks to break this cycle of silence by eliminating the social stigma of Black women being silent warriors. They are creating a space where Black women are encouraged to embrace and share their lived self-love experiences instead of only their trials and tribulations. Focusing on solutions is the goal.

On December 17th, 2020, Ron Ash, LLC., a Los Angeles, California based media company will release the first of six Intimate Conversations – A Self-Love Series”. The dialogue will explore and take a deep dive into subjects like regret, healing, self-worth, and empowerment.

Sauda S. Johnson-McNeal, Founder & CEO of Ron Ash, brings to this newly launched media company her legal, business, managerial and creative expertise. Her fire was lit by her parents who started sowing seeds of self-love in her from a young age. However, as an adolescent, she still doubted her beauty, disliked her personality, and never had a sense of belonging. Her attentive mother recognized the struggle and began to shower Sauda with words of praise, books about God and affirmations of self-worth. All of this would be a good reference as life handed Sauda plenty of drama and trauma throughout her adulthood. The self-love journey that her mother started her on, Sauda is sharing the seeds of the harvest.

“Sauda is using her talents as an actress, creativity as a writer, and her passion for helping people to bring to the forefront the need for self-love through the medium of film. Because of her efforts, so many lives will be positively impacted.” ~Attorney Nikiah Hawkins, Ron Ash, Head of Legal

As a successful Special Education attorney, Sauda has now launched Ron Ash with the goal of being known industry-wide for producing quality films that connect communities and inspire people to make positive life changes, one story at a time. They are dedicated to developing and producing quality independent feature films that reflect different aspects of the African American experience. Ron Ash’s first film “The Skin You’re In” will depict an African American woman surviving her quarter-life crisis (QLC). QLC is a period of life ranging from twenties to thirties, in which a person begins to feel doubtful about their life due to the stress of becoming an adult.

Ron Ash infuses social media and entertainment to spread the self-love movement. There is a Facebook support group – The Skin You’re In – A Self-Love Movement. “Intimate Conversations: A Self-Love Series” kicks off by exploring steps Sauda took to start her own self-love journey as well as provide insight and inspire other women to start or continue loving themselves.

The series will feature amazing experts and professionals that enhance the subject covered and the experience of each viewer.

December 17 – Suzzette Celeste, MSW, MPA, RScP

December 30 – Reverend Andriette Earl and Reverend Dr. Sarai Crain

January 14 – Dr. Virginia Adewole and Dr. Mesha Ellis

January 28 – Ronald Ashford

February 11 – Misty Anderson, Morgan Bullock, and Simmone L. Bowe

February 25 – Attorney Karla Aghedo, Neka Scott, and Reverend Dr. Najuma Smith-Pollard

“For years now I've been loving myself and practicing the methods to continue to grow in love with myself daily. I’ve also been mentoring young women over the years and I see their struggles and needed a way to reach them and tell them they are not alone. We’ve been there (I’ve been there), that there are several different ways (prayers, meditation, therapy, exercise) to work on loving yourself in the midst of a storm. So, I wrote some films and started a film production company as a vehicle to reach as many women as possible. I’m also hosting a self-love series and I started a self-love FB support group. This isn’t just about making films – this is about igniting a self-love movement to empower Black women in all facets of their lives…I fused my passion and my purpose, and I am fulfilling both with this self-love movement for Black women in particular.” ~Sauda S. Johnson-McNeal, Founder & CEO, Ron Ash, LLC

About Sauda S. Johnson-McNeal

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Producer Sauda S. Johnson-McNeal was a theater major and actress while a student at the University of Southern California (USC) and studied writing for films and plays. Mrs. Johnson-McNeal created several relationships and garnered extensive entertainment industry experience learning her craft as an actress and writer. After graduating from USC with a Bachelor of Arts, Mrs. Johnson-McNeal went to law school and thereafter became a businesswoman and attorney. Mrs. Johnson-McNeal has owned and operated her own law firm for the past 17 years and practiced in several areas including, business, entertainment, and real estate law. Mrs. Johnson-McNeal has also operated a real estate investment company and stock investment club. Her current practice area is special education law. She represents the educational rights of children with special needs, to help them obtain services to access the educational curriculum.

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