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July 27, 2020
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(BPRW) Black PR Wire publishes Commemorative 2020-2021 Calendar

Features images of the "City that Never Sleeps" that took a pause during COVID-19

(Black PR Wire) Miami, Fla.  -- COVID-19 has severely impacted America and has re-shaped our lives and way of living.  Our nation has undoubtedly changed forever.

Most hard hit and largely known initially as the epicenter for the pandemic was New York City.  Black PR Wire (BPRW) created an 18-month calendar beginning July 2020 through deember 20201, that depicts images from a creative designer who lived in the ity during the quarantine of COVID-19. As New York City and the world were temporarily shut down, it felt as if life was suddenly on pause. The photographer desired to document the small glimpses of New York that she saw during this surreal time. This once in a lifetime opportunity was captured on camera and met with the somber reality that ‘the city that never sleeps’ was now completely deserted.

"We wanted to create this calendar to showcase this moment in time and give us hope for unity and to embrace the spirit of togetherness," says Bernadette Morris, CEO of BPRW.  "I know times are very challenging for each and everyone of us, but I also know that we will make it through - together."

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