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December 22, 2023
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(Black PR Wire) Race Forward recently announced Candace Moore, Esq., a policy and systems strategist with demonstrated experience addressing issues of equity and racial justice, will join the organization on January 8, 2024, as Senior Strategic Advisor. Moore brings executive government, legal practice and community-based advocacy experience to this role, in which she will focus on bridging and aligning the placed-based work of Race Forward’s programs and deepening collaborations. She will also lead the expansion into new sites of our place-based strategies, training curriculum and tools for government and community.

“Race Forward is thrilled to have Candace Moore join our team  during this time when attacks on communities of color continue unabated,” said Race Forward President Glenn Harris. “From efforts to dismantle the Voting Rights Act of 1965, to attacks on reproductive rights, and attacks on public education, we know the importance of local and regional governments working to advance racial justice and democracy. The experience Candace brings with a rich background and expertise in government and community-based work will allow her to develop innovative strategies and initiatives to advance racial equity and democracy in communities across this country.” 

Race Forward’s Place-Based Strategy works locally and trans-locally to implement organizational goals in and across places. Collective power building goals include transforming the public sector to govern for racial equity, building governing power of communities of color, and building narratives that advance a just multiracial democracy. Candace’s leadership will help Race Forward to achieve scale and impact in local communities across the country.  

“We are in a moment in our fight for racial justice that demands we build new ways of collaborating and demonstrate to our communities that a system rooted in racial inclusion is worthy and can deliver a more fair and just democracy,” Moore said. “This is why I am excited to step into my next chapter at Race Forward. Throughout my career, the work of Race Forward has been an anchor grounding me in ideas, strategies, and tools to drive equity and racial justice in the communities I've served. Whether serving in Chicago as a civil rights attorney or the city's first Chief Equity Officer, my goal has always been to demonstrate that we can make real change toward racial justice. Joining the team as Senior Strategic Advisor is a dynamic opportunity to connect and partner with fellow racial justice colleagues to support their impact in communities across the country. My intention is to learn, connect resources and people, and spotlight the power of our movement. 

Prior to joining Race Forward, Moore served as the first chief equity officer for the City of Chicago; a senior staff attorney for education equity at the Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights; and a campaign coordinator for the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence.

Source: Race Forward