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March 01, 2019
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Cynthia Meeks
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(BPRW) Dallas Author Releases Spirituality Book After 10-Day Journey


(Black PR Wire) DALLAS, TX, 2019 – Numbers, Angels, and God: A Journey of Faith by Cynthia R. Meeks will be released in print on June 1st, 2019. The book is currently available as an e-book only. It chronicles a 10-day real-life journey wherein Cynthia and her young son, Sy, implore “Unemployed Angels” through a nightly ceremony which ultimately leads them to the achievement of their special wants.


Cynthia discovered Numerology a couple of years prior as she was questioning traditional religion and her purpose. In 2017 the family suddenly found themselves in trying circumstances. It was at that time that she learned about “unemployed angels” from watching a documentary. Cynthia had the idea to combine the candle ceremony imparted to her by her trusted numerologist with calling upon the "unemployed angels" - thus enabling them to communicate through numbers.


Meeks brings the idea home to her sons. The eldest, a pre-med student, was reluctant but her youngest, Sy, enthusiastically agrees that they should give it a try.  Sy had his own wants and dreams as he had a concept and story for his own children’s book. For 10 days, she and Sy performed the ceremony and it was during this “testing time” Cynthia’s faith wavered in the face of the obstacles confronting them - including an eviction notice. By contrast, Sy’s trust and faith never wavered. Though they were evicted from their home, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Cynthia was able to help Sy achieve his dream and "Sy The Mighty Minder" became a reality. In addition, ten months later, they found themselves in a new home and even the eldest son has come to acknowledge the miracle.


Through the process, one by one, each of their wants are fulfilled and Meeks feels she can’t keep this gift for herself but needs to share it with the world.


“I had never read a spiritual book or followed any spiritual guru or ministers. I just called myself spiritual after I left the church.” Says Meeks, “I started teaching my children based on what I truly believed was God's way. I wrote the book because all along, here I thought I was the one teaching my son about faith but when it came to a big obstacle in my life, it was my then nine-year-old, who was actually the master of faith, and I was the student.”


Meeks grew up in Arkansas but calls Dallas her home. Though a hard-working single parent, she does not let that define her and relies on her faith to achieve her goals and dreams. She felt she needed to immediately release the book online as she felt it was urgent.  “I chose to release the e-book four months before the paperback because I felt people needed this message now, so they can start applying the candle method principles in their life.”


Author of Becoming Awareness,  Lorraine Voss, says “Drawing on the power of her personal convictions and trials, Cynthia shares her moving story about real life challenges and the strength to overcome them through metaphysical beliefs and her unwavering faith.”


The reaction within the metaphysical and spiritual community as been overwhelming. Cynthia believes the book serves as a tool of encouragement and also empowers others to come into discovering their spirituality and God within them.

“Believe like a child. Believe like my Sy who trusted with an innocent and pure faith. All you need to remember is there is always a way. No matter what you face, there is always a way,” Says Meeks.


The book is available for purchase through, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and upcoming on ITunes . Please contact Cynthia at or 214-779-2704





Cynthia Meeks  is an author and entrepreneur.  She is the author of ‘Numbers, Angels and God ~ A Journey of Faith’’ and has also co-authored the children’s book “Sy The Mighty Minder” with her son, Sy Hubby. Cynthia is manifesting her dreams through the study of metaphysics as a Life Path Mentor, author, and aspiring filmmaker.  Cynthia has a background in Business and Event Management. She was working as a financial coordinator before her family became homeless. Cynthia lives in Dallas, Texas with her two sons and is grateful for her new home and all her blessings.