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March 29, 2021
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Jeff Mustard


When George Floyd was murdered, the nation was in shock. It reignited the reality of inequalities that permeate our society. Tv and Music Writer/Producer Jeff mustard Mustard was outraged, like so many American’s across the country. Mustard wrote and produced not just a George Floyd An-them/Tribute Song, but a two-part song that reflects not only on the 400-year history of African American Slavery but a second part that focuses on the senseless killing of George Floyd.

(Black PR Wire) TV writer and music writer/producer Jeff Mustard was, like most people, incensed by the George Floyd murder. Instead of merely stewing and watching endless reruns of police officer Derek Chauvin pressing his knee on Mr. Floyd's neck until he finally stopped screaming "I can't breathe," followed by mass protests throughout the country that dominated the news for many months, Mustard was inspired to write a song about what happened to Mr. Floyd and how the nation reacted. The vocal artist for the Song is Ethan Dangerwing, a rapper known as the Vulture, a prominent South Florida visual artist (photographer), and music performer.

Song/Music Video - Part 1 - "How We Got Here”

The song title "How We Got Here" is a wordplay/double entendre. At about 300 words, comprising 15 verses and one chorus, the Song is produced to a fast tempo at 125 BPM. Part 1 is a condensed history lesson of African American enslavement, going back 400 years to England when African Americans were forced to come to the newly forming nation (the United States) and work as slave labor on plantations.   Mustard titled the two-part song/mini-LP "Enough." Lyrics woven into the music include phrases that have become part of our country’s sad, but popular lexicon heard time and again at protest and rallies:

"I can't breathe," "No justice no peace," "Black Lives Matter," as well as keyword references around which both verses and choruses were built - such as "chokeholds no more," "Like Colin take a knee," and even the "time" of 8:46, which is how long officer Chauvin had his knee on Mr. Floyd's neck.


 Song/Music Video - Part II - "Arrest, Death, Revolution”

The approx 450 words of this movement, "Arrest, Death, Revolution," bring us to "this moment" in time, triggered by Mr. Floyd's tragedy. Produced at 80 BPM, this track maintains a steady, slower, but no less classic hip-hop rap beat style and delivery, allowing the listener to absorb the lyrics and powerful message of the Song. Part II is 4:00 and comprises 16 verses and six choruses. Mostly, the "song" continues the "systemic racism" message and theme. It accentuates the here and now in the face of the George Floyd murder, invoking the ever-present racism message that continues to lurk beneath the veneer of our society. It also reinforces the historical, social injustice, and inequality themes reflected in Movement I.  

About Jeff Mustard

Jeff Mustard is a multiple-award-winning writer and producer whose material has been produced for print, radio, and television. Since 2015 he has focused on writing exclusively for TV, Features, and Music. George Floyd's Murder inspired his creation of Equal Justice Studios, a media company focusing on producing projects amplifying social justice projects. Mustard has produced "American Carnage," a six-song compilation that features the degrading life, society, and culture of America and American's under the Trump Administration. Two songs, Corona Blues and Corona Criminal, are dedicated to the impacts of the Corona Virus on American's and the country; two Trump-specific songs, "Insurrection," a love song to the country, a ballad about the day and events of January 6th, and "Survived 45" also a ballad that expresses the pain of the loss of more than a half-million Americans due to Covid. The final track is "Confederate Free," a powerful song dedicated to the Anti-Confederate Statue movement sweeping the country.

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