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January 24, 2022
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(BPRW) Gospelizer Dr. Walter Arthur McCray exposes the collision of theology and political oppression in the anti-democracy crisis facing the nation.

Defiant Political Oppressors Invite a Divine Judgment - BLACK LIGHT FELLOWSHIP (Chicago) $21.95 Hardback

(Black PR Wire) Defiant Political Oppressors is a timely analysis that is at once theologically and politically incisive. Trump—a modern-day Pharaoh—and his minions adamantly refuse to let the nation go free. What is on the horizon when Ol’ Pharaoh and his army just won’t quit? Dare to engage this important message—an in-depth perspective on the intervening fight to preserve the freedom, truth, and justice of American democracy. It speaks clearly to crucial issues and consequences when errant and oppressive political practices collide with theology.

Even though more than a year has passed since the insurrection of January 6, 2021, there is yet little doubt that the political oppression of anti-democracy forces in the nation have not abated but have intensified. The spirit and strategies of Trumpism proponents continue to permeate the society, threatening our democratic governing values, traditions, and institutions. Ex-President Trump and his advocates of Trumpism told the “Big Lie” of a “rigged” election, incited the insurrection, and continue to foment the current crisis in American democracy.

Adherents to Trumpism show an insatiable greed for political power and collectively evince implicit biases for white racial supremacy. They refuse to renounce the failed attempt to subvert the government. As political oppressors they further incriminate themselves by speaking against and refusing to fully cooperate with the January 6 Commission that is investigating the insurrection attack on the nation’s Capitol. Trumpism loyalists openly challenge the authority and hearings of this U.S. Select Committee, downplaying the arrest and prosecution of hundreds of the insurrectionists. Further, they do so despite the Commission’s early findings that have uncovered sufficient evidence to file the more serious charge of “seditious conspiracy” against eleven insurrectionists for their mob-action against the nation’s government.

Fear grips elected officials within this socio-political stream—fears of threats and reprisals from Trump and his Trumpism enforcers. Their fears have debilitated these politicians from telling the truth and acting civilly as responsible citizens and honorable elected representatives. These defiant oppressors persistently spread the “Big Lie” and other falsehoods, despite the serious repercussions of a disinformation campaign whose effects are eroding the nation’s civil, political, multiracial, and multicultural integrity; their unrighteous practices are degenerating the moral ethos of the nation. Trumpism supporters have given a slap in the face to American citizens by stringently opposing and blocking voting rights—the pillar of democracy. Their partisan schemes to sabotage or subvert fair democratic processes—by electing state and local officials who can overturn voting results in targeted areas—is unsettling, and sickening. Obviously, Trumpism adherents manifest themselves as defiant perpetrators of oppression.

Politically and socially destabilizing effects of Trumpism raise crucial and disturbing questions: At what cost will Trumpism’s defiant oppressors continue to stoke political chaos, and violence? How close is the United States on the verge of experiencing civil disintegration and the implosion of American democracy? What dire consequences must the nation confront to preserve its freedom from the extreme ideology of Trumpism anti-democracy? What kind of mindset makes Trumpism operatives foolishly believe they can personally escape paying the mounting charges for their political malfeasance? How is it possible for them to avoid reaping the painful cost of their destructive behaviors when the time to settle eventually comes due?

Rev. Dr. McCray writes with the courage of the “Watchman” who answers the people’s perturbing question “What of the night?” (cf. Isaiah 21:11). He spiritually wrestles with the looming consequences of the nation’s pressing political crisis and offers a telling theological perspective on the oppressive political stratagem of anti-democracy. His perceptive warning rings true: a historical-theological trajectory indicates that serious spiritual and social consequences await unrepentant oppressors.

Those who engage in constant political and social oppression must answer to God and will find themselves paying the high price of severe suffering for their recalcitrance. Occasionally God averts or delays a judgment. Yet—for the sake of mercifully preserving America’s freedom, and in the course of time before eternity—the Divine as Sovereign may dispense an inevitable and remedial retribution upon the nation’s oppressors.

In this context—especially given the tenuous current political-social milieu—a Divine intervention may prove to be the safest and most enduring option available for preserving the soul of the nation’s democracy—true, just, and free.

Defiant Political Oppressors Invite a Divine Judgment is a pertinent critical analysis that:

  • Provides an in-depth view of the implications of today’s complex crises—political, racial, COVID-19, and economic—as they impact and converged before, during, and with the aftermath of the 2020 U.S. presidential election.
  • Recounts consequences of the dragon-like rule of ex-President Trump along political, social, racial, and spiritual lines.
  • Explores key white Evangelical theological dynamics that support Trumpism and fuel the crisis in the nation.
  • Unmasks important socio-political layers that Trumpism allies have spearheaded in their efforts to exploit political divisiveness, attack democracy, and suppress voter empowerment.
  • Speaks truth against the evil, extreme, and extended crisis of Trumpism that the ex-President precipitated and perpetuates.
  • Narrates the historical-theological Red Sea event, highlighting Pharaoh’s self-destructive army that defiantly pursued their former Hebrew captives (Deuteronomy 11). The High God miraculously intervened to bring a judgment upon the pursuing oppressors. At the same crossroad, He victoriously delivered the liberated nation from their adverse social-political predicament. This biblical precedent of a Red Sea Divine intervention by the “Warrior-Deliverer” God offers prophetic hope to all people who suffer the effects of defiant political oppression.
  • Asserts that believers should strongly embrace the theological idea of a Divine intervention to reverse the threatening political affairs of America. Activist believers should use every civil and righteous strategy to combat the nation’s toxic climate of political divisiveness and anti-democracy. It is paramount also that followers of Christ proactively use their essential spiritual recourse. They should earnestly petition the High God to intervene against the nation’s defiant political oppressors. All people of faith should seriously consider this urgent call to intercessory action.
  • Challenges spiritual perspectives that deem it unpalatable to welcome—righteously and joyfully—a Divine retribution on defiant oppressors. Encourages believers to rethink how they apply to the subject relevant biblical truths such as genuine repentance, forgiveness, eternal destiny, and the interrelation of love, justice, and truth. The author urges readers to embrace a theology of justified rejoicing in Divine justice—if God so chooses to effect an imminent and remedial judgment upon the political oppressors whose practices threaten to subvert the nation.

Scholarly and passionately provocative, this work is the latest message of Rev. Dr. Walter Arthur McCray, a “certified Black evangelical,” community activist, and notable author of 20+ publications. This Chicago-based Pastor is a Gospelizer, “a Good-News messenger of the resurrected Lord, Jesus Christ,” and the publisher of Black Light Fellowship. Media outlets have featured his insights, including Newsweek, WOOC-FM, and WVON-FM. Well-known author of the classic titles The Black Presence in the Bible (vol 1), and The Black Presence in the Bible and The Table of Nations: Genesis 10:1-32 (vol 2), Dr. McCray has been in Christian ministry for over 50 years and is president of the National Black Evangelical Association (Chicago).

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