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July 11, 2020
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Tyler Read


(Black PR Wire) Self-isolation and quarantine have led to reduced movement and less engagement in any physical activity. Most people are stuck at home with a fridge full of foodstuff but without access to the gym. Hence, it is increasingly becoming difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you are sitting most of the time; working from home.


For some of us, the result has been unexpected weight gain that can casually be referred to as “the COVID 15,” much like the infamous freshman 15 pounds college typically gain during their first year.

Despite the situation, it is important to remain active, stay fit, and eat healthy meals. Staying consistent with your health goals is vital for your physical and mental health. It strengthens your immune system, which is crucial during this pandemic. 

So, how do you keep up with your fitness and nutrition goals without the energetic atmosphere of the gym? Let’s find out.

Tips to Help You Stay on Track With Your Nutrition Goals

During these uncertain times, you may find it challenging to maintain a healthy diet when the kitchen is a stone’s throw away. You may hover around the kitchen more than expected to prepare meals for your loved ones. Sometimes, boredom can drag you into mindless eating without realizing it. 

Staying indoors can be tough, but this shouldn’t stop you from meeting your nutritional goals. To help you stay on course, these easy to implement techniques will guide in keeping up with your health goals. 

Plan Your Meals in Advance

It is important to plan your meals in advance so that you are not tempted to pick snacks every time you wander in the kitchen. Creating a meal plan every week makes your work easier. You don’t have to ponder for ages what to prepare only to get discouraged and settle for unhealthy foods or starve for long hours. The proper diet helps to keep your energy up and ease stress.

Have Regular Eating Schedule

It is important to schedule your eating times at the same time every day to avoid skipping meals or unnecessary snacking throughout the day. Have a designated eating place where everyone converges for a meal. Always take your meals at the right time. 

Have a Balanced Diet 

As you plan your meals, ensure each meal has the right nutritional content. Proteins, fiber, carbohydrates, and healthy fats are essential for overall health. Such a diet is high on nutrients. You’ll stay full for a long time, hence reducing the urge to indulge in high-calorie foodstuff in between meals. Normalize homemade food and reduce home deliveries. 

Keep Your Meals Fun

To spice up your healthy eating routine, try out different meals. You can have a great family time experimenting with different ingredients and recipes to come up with creative and delicious meals. Also, stock up healthy snacks like nuts, yogurt, or popcorn. It would be best if you took the snack in portions and avoid eating directly from the bag.

Techniques to Help You Stay on Track With Your Fitness Goals

For gym enthusiasts, exercising at home is tedious. And those who haven’t been working out find it even more challenging to adopt an exercise routine. However, this is an opportunity to tame your habits and train your mind to adopt a healthy lifestyle. For starters, you can easily start implementing fitness activities and keep track of your fitness goals by integrating these simple tips.

Have a Training Schedule

Given the lack of zeal when you are bored indoors, you must come up with a training plan to help you consistently exercise every day at the same time and place. Such a program helps your body to switch into a workout mood. You can plan the exercises you are going to do a day earlier and put in place the pieces of equipment you’ll need. It is easy to follow a routine. Thus, you’ll remain motivated and stick to your goals with a clear plan.

Find an Accountability Partner

Finding a partner to help you keep up with your goals every day is essential. Someone to call or text you when it’s time for exercise. You can do the same for them. The thought of giving negative feedback alone is enough to get you to work out before the third party calls to confirm.

Have Enough Sleep

Enough Sleep is crucial for your body to function at an optimum level. Sleeping for 8 hours, relaxes your body and mind. You recharge, and you can better concentrate and handle your daily routines with renewed strength. 

Stroll Indoors

When you sit for long hours, your muscles become stiff. You might experience pain and discomfort on your joints and spine. A brief break to walk around the house and stretch your muscles make a huge difference. Have small breaks in between work to relax your mind and relieve your muscles of any tension. 

Enroll for Free Online Exercise Programs

Online platforms have a variety of exercises. Whether your focus is a full-body workout or you want to concentrate on a particular part, you’ll find a training tailored just for you. The trainer’s motivation inspires participants to keep up. You can try new routines, stay motivated, and be consistent. YouTube is the perfect place to start. Some apps can help you with workouts too. 

Over to You

Yes! Quarantine sucks. But it shouldn’t be the reason to overlook the most critical part of your life, which is your health, yet you have all the time you need. The benefits of staying healthy during this time are unmatched. You’ll be able to stay active, reduce anxiety and stress, boost your mood, strengthen your immune system, and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle.

Incorporating these tips into your daily routine will go a long way to ensure you come out of quarantine healthier than you went in. You might find yourself adapting to a healthier lifestyle in the long run. So, take charge of this golden opportunity and rewrite your health status.

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