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April 20, 2020
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(Black PR Wire) Babyface, the award-winning music producer behind some of the biggest artists, songs and record label, LaFace records, revealed that he too had been stricken with COVID-19.

“I feel so blessed to be able to celebrate another birthday,” confessed the Grammy-award winning producer in an Instagram post. “I tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, as did my family,” he wrote.

“It’s an incredibly scary thing to go through, my friends,” the 62-year-old singer and songwriter shared.

“I’m happy to report we have now tested negative and are on our way back to full health,” he said.

Once a person is exposed the coronavirus, the body starts producing proteins called antibodies to fight the infection. As these antibodies start to successfully contain the virus and keep it from replicating in the body, symptoms usually begin to lessen and you start to feel better. Eventually, if all goes well, your immune system will completely destroy all of the virus in your system. A person who was infected with and survived a virus with no long-term health effects or disabilities has “recovered.”

Doctors say that, in general, once you have recovered from a viral infection, your body will keep cells called lymphocytes in your system. These cells now “know” the viruses they’ve previously seen and can react quickly to fight them off again. So hopefully, someone like Babyface, his antibodies will likely stop the virus before it starts causing symptoms. Hopefully effectively becoming immune.

But unfortunately, immunity isn’t perfect. For many viruses, like mumps, immunity can weaken over time, leaving you susceptible to the virus in the future. This is what some are seeing in a few cases in China. Some who have gone through it and “recovered” are not testing positive again. Even though it’s a very small number, it’s something to be aware of.

Because of Babyface’s newfound health, he listed the news that his much-anticipated music debate against New Jack Swing music producer, Teddy Riley, is back on.

Many folks on social media were tripping when they heard the news that the online music competition didn’t happen last week…especially when they didn’t know why.

But now the reason is clear.

“With that being said, I’d like to officially accept the invitation by the legendary Swizz Beatz and Timbaland to participate with my little brother Teddy Riley in what I’d like to call a Celebration of Black Music Excellence, Teddy Riley vs. Babyface,” the singer posted on his Instagram.

The new date is April 18, 2020 and fans are related.

No matter who wins the competition, we’re just happy that Babyface won the fight against coronavirus. Much Love.

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