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January 15, 2019
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(BPRW) Let’s Make the Tech Game More Fun for Everyone CES welcomed HireHer CEO to discuss AI

(Black PR Wire) This year the Consumer Technology Association created an opportunity for more diverse perspectives at the largest consumer technology show in the world known as Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Over 180,000 people converged on Vegas to get a glimpse at the future of technology where Artificial Intelligence and 5G took center stage and several black techies were in on the conversation. Ruth Chandler Cook HireHer’s chief executive brought a unique perspective to a panel discussion on artificial intelligence integration with today’s workforce.  


In conversation with other panelists, J.T. Kostman, Ph.D Managing Director Grant Thornton Labs, Lynn McMahon North American Lead for Media & Entertainment Accenture, Cory Treffiletti Chief Marketing Officer Voicea and moderator Elizabeth Gore President of Alice, Ruth dug into the issue of algorithmic bias. She talked about the importance of leveling the playing field for women and minorities in the workplace using reference to the game of golf where a handicap is given to players to make the competition fair for all. 


Since women, and minorities are underrepresented among those who are coding this technology it is worth considering how to equalize outcomes for these groups. HireHer has implemented proprietary algorithms in its iOS app designed to place more women and minorities in innovative industries, but they intentionally made the product more human focused to encourage real dialogue. The HireHer organization also offers training and consulting services.  They are intently focused on the technology but also working directly with employers to place women and all people of color in positions beyond the mid-career level giving them more decision making authority. 


During the panel everyone indicated support for the use of Artificial Intelligence but Ruth gave a stern admonition about the importance of inclusive diversity to advance technology.  “You have to think about who you’re customers are going to be, then you need to make sure the thing you are implementing considers what is important to them” said HireHer CEO Ruth Chandler Cook.  “I think it’s worth being thoughtful and intentional about what you are going to do moving forward given pending population changes.”


There are creative solutions to ensure nobody get’s left behind when a segment of the workforce is replaced by automation like chat bots. “Thinking about how we level the playing field in games like golf may at least be a conversation starter” said Ruth.  “One way to add more voices to the process of developing this technology is through new job creation, focus groups containing diverse groups including children, and consulting women and minorities.” The AI technology is still emerging and leveraging diverse perspectives in its development will better prepare companies for consumers. Now is a really good time to arrange a sit down with Ruth and see how HireHer can help you or your organization.


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