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April 27, 2021
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Nicole Kirby
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(BPRW) New Baltimore-based Entertainment Company to Spotlight Local Talent

Open Investment Partnership Launch Underway

(Black PR Wire) BALTIMORE── Every Person Is Coming from a Memory aka EPIC FAM is a newly formed Baltimore-based entertainment and media company that seeks to bring national attention to the city's wealth of boundless talent. Already gaining substantial traction in the industry for its notable efforts in developing exposure opportunities for aspiring artists through music, television and film projects, the company is pivoting in a new direction: viable investment opportunities.


Launched in June 2020, EPIC FAM has joined forces with NetCapital to serve as the host platform for its venture fund. Known for its success in rolling out investment opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital using technology, NetCapital makes private transactions transparent by creating a secure platform for investors to make their own investment decisions. The concept fosters countless opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors to work collaboratively to build value and establish open lines of communication, making innovation seamless. 


EPIC FAM seeks to provide both experienced and inexperienced investors a reliable platform that will rigorously research thousands of companies and venture funds. The goal is to help clients tap into cutting-edge investment opportunities across various sectors. Interested investors with minimal resources can utilize the service with confidence!


“Baltimore is poised to be what Motown was to Detroit!” touts founder, Ezekiel Jackson. EPIC FAM is more than just a company; it’s a movement and Baltimore residents can be a part of it.”


The vibrant company is looking for people who are passionate about the arts, music and their beloved city!  EPIC FAM is committed to putting Baltimore and its incredibly talented residents on the map! "This is a chance to be a part of something at ground level; an opportunity that will allow city residents to grow with us!” explains Dr. Dermell Brunson, EPIC FAM co-founder.


Those interested are encouraged to become EPIC FAM shareholders through NetCapital. An open invitation exists to join other carefully vetted investors in building the next music and arts hotspot when the EPIC FAM page opens April 2. 2021!

"You’re investing in an opportunity to highlight the endless talent and creativity found in Baltimore as well and be a part of a Black-owned company laying the foundation for the next music and arts epicenter, " says Ezekiel Jackson, EPIC FAM co-founder.


WHO: Residents are invited to join a multi-diverse, multi-layered team of professionals   committed to putting Baltimore in the national spotlight.

WHAT: EPIC FAM launches a business investment platform through NetCapital. Boasting a post-money valuation of $8.77 million, the company is testing the waters by joining forces with NetCapital. The newly formed entertainment and media company is committed to providing opportunities to showcase Baltimore’s local talent. Residents can invest in the company at the ground level and grow alongside the company. 

WHEN: The EPIC FAM platform launched LIVE Friday, April 2. Individuals can invest as little as one dollar to as much as one million dollars on the platform.

Where: Go to and enter “EPIC FAM” to access the sourcing page.


EPIC FAM has a deep conduit of projects across multiple entertainment genres all with a significant appeal. The EPIC FAMily includes some of the city's most prominent talent including the esteemed Eze Jackson, a legend in Baltimore's music scene. We are as much a movement as it is a company, and it is poised to capture the nation's attention with the city's jam-packed music scene and vibrant arts community. Our goal is to make Baltimore the next music and entertainment epicenter!