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January 03, 2021
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(Black PR Wire) Rawlvan Bennet is the owner and Curator of Bronze Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. Rawlvan’s passion for African art began over 35 years ago. This love planted the seed that is Bronze Kingdom today. Through his collection Rawlvan has amassed, Bronze Kingdom is now home to the largest collection of bronze African artifacts in the world.

Bronze Kingdom originally opened in 2017 at the Orlando Fashion Square Mall. In order to give the world a better view of African history Bronze Kingdom changed location to the famed International Drive in Orlando, Florida.

The new facility boasts 27,000 square feet. Featuring a Nelson Mandela Gallery with an Intimate Patio, a Barack Obama Gallery with a bar, and the Museums prized restaurant, Serengeti. Bronze Kingdom is also equipped with areas that are ideal venues for business meetings, brunches, workshops etc. The venue area has customizable floor plan and the capacity to hold 700 people.

Rawlvan’s experience in Africa and the ethical means in which he acquired his collection enriches the experience of Bronze Kingdom in ways other museums lack. His authentic connection to the pieces provides the experience of “Africa in America.” Bronze Kingdom has over 2,000 pieces from all over Africa including but not limited to Nigeria, Cameroon and Mali.

Rawlvan Bennet was born in Fairfield, California and attended California State University, Sacramento. As an African American Rawlvan always felt a connection to Africa. Experiencing art produced by the trade for tourists was not enough to satiate his hunger to connect to his roots. This drive inspired his first trip Africa. in 2000 Rawlvan traveled to Ghana in which he got the opportunity to connect to the African pieces he held so dear. Not only to see where they originated but how the artifacts were being used.

His hope in creating Bronze Kingdom is that the world will understand African American’s story does not start with slavery but in Africa where our ancestors were royalty.