For Immediate Release
December 07, 2020
Contact Information

Dr. Bessie House-Soremekun
President and Founder, IBBM
(216) 645-3385

James L. Patterson
Director of Program Operations, IBBM
(317) 354-3246

(BPRW) Showcase for the Ages: New Repository Created for the Genius of Black Entrepreneurs and Inventors

(Black PR Wire) Look out! The International Black Business Museum is here. The IBBM is the first and only museum in the world of its type, a repository that will enshrine the monumental accomplishments of Black entrepreneurs and inventors in the United States and other countries of the world.  It will also honor black-owned banks and ancillary organizations which helped to develop principles of self-help in the Black community. According to Dr. Bessie House-Soremekun, the President and Founder, “The establishment of the International Black Business Museum is an idea whose time has come. This pivotal institution will support black business creation and expansion. It will also enhance the development of an entrepreneurial ethos which emphasizes ways in which the Black Community can work collectively to enhance the attainment of higher levels of economic independence and more economic resources.”

The IBBM has a very distinguished International Board of Directors and an Advisory Board. The IBBM has received endorsements from The Association for African American Museums (AAAM), The Carver Federal Savings Bank, and the National Black Chamber of Commerce.  The IBBM,, is currently choosing a final site among several cities to host this groundbreaking facility. Museum administrators are planning a state-of-the art multilevel building with exhibit areas, auditoriums, along with additional galleries and mixed-use spaces. The museum’s official opening is scheduled to take place in the future, although it is presently holding virtual activities and creating several virtual exhibits.

Despite great odds against them historically, Black entrepreneurs and inventors have achieved mightily. Garrett Morgan, entrepreneur and inventor of the common traffic signal, gas mask, and hair straightening products, and Lewis Latimer, who drafted patents for the telephone and the incandescent light bulb, are cases in point. These trail blazers and their ancestors of color persevered through difficult obstacles, including systemic racial oppression and lack of adequate funding.

The International Black Business Museum seeks to immortalize their achievements through its mission to preserve the history and honor the contributions of Black entrepreneurs and inventors in the United States and other countries of the world. Black business is the world’s business! Black Americans control around $1.3 trillion of America’s $22 trillion economy – the world’s largest economic system – and Africa is home to one of the globe’s richest black entrepreneurs, Aliko Dangote of Nigeria, whose estimated worth is $8.3 billion. As the U.S. and other countries strive to attain more just and equitable societies, it is and will remain the mission of the International Black Business Museum to educate and enlighten the global community about the amazing achievements of this important group.

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