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August 14, 2020
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Allyson Springett

(BPRW) Silver Rights Activists ™ Join Together To Strengthen Black Challenges

(Black PR Wire) Allyson Springett, president of Mystique Natural, is challenging major retail stores to stock 50% of their Black/Ethnic hair care product section with black owned products. In most stores, this section is the only section dedicated to black shoppers. Now many of these stores carry and display mostly non-Black owned products. Some stores have no Black owned products in the black hair care section. Retailers committing to this challenge help to ensure equitable economic opportunities for new, existing, and aspiring business owners, who manufacture, distribute, and sell Black hair care products.

Maggie Anderson, president of the Empowerment Experiment, author of Our Black Year, is a good example, as she and her family lived off Black-owned businesses for one full year. Maggie is BACK and stronger than ever. This time, she is fighting for black women whose power and pride have been stolen along with the Black hair care industry. Black women are joining Maggie to publicly commit to buy Black owned hair care products. She is starting a movement with the Black Owned Hair Care Challenge.

This dynamic duo’s strength is in their tenacity and desire to educate the consumer on products that have traditionally been deceptive in their marketing which targets black people.  In a meeting discussing supporting black owned businesses, a well-intentioned person took to the mic to inform the audience that she only buys black owned hair care products. She boldly and proudly exclaimed her regimen consisted of Dark N’Lovely, African Pride, Let’s Jam, and Right On products.  These were her staple products none of which are black owned.  Between Allyson and Maggie’s speaking engagements and the erroneous social media post, they have concluded the missing factors were education of the consumer and the stores stocking their shelves with misleading titles intending to mislead the uninformed consumer.

Together, their energy is definitely going to change the way the stores stock their shelves and the way the consumer purchases the products from the shelves.

To get involved or for more information, connect with Maggie at; or on Twitter and Instagram @ourblackyear; and @blackowned_hc_Challenge on Instagram. Connect with Allyson on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @thatsacurl, or via email at


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